Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"TRIBULATION producesPATIENCE and patience produces HOPE" Email 1/6/2015

Jennifer Lawrence aka Hermana Budge
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The goodbyes commence!


Hola from el paso :) 
This week has been in one word: WONDERFUL. Every time I recover from a sickness its just so awesome to realize how grateful I am for health!!! The world is so much better when you are healthy haha. I've really been able to focus on my investigators and just working hard till the end. And beyond :) This week has started to be really emotional as i've realized how much I love these people here in El Paso. I will leave lessons and just be close to tears because I feel such a deep love for those I teach. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. But I am excited to continue the work on the "other side." And to represent my Savior not necessarily by my tag, but by my heart. Im sure the field is white in Utah as well!
Unfortunately President didn't let me make the trip up to Albuquerque for MLC because he wanted me to reserve my strength.  It was a disappointment considering it was my last one.. but its awesome because since we were obedient and went out to work instead we had the most miraculous day ever and found 7 new investigators!! God works in mysterious ways.
Our investigators are doing great right now. Monica, Camila, Jorge, and Ximena just have my heart completely. I’m not sure if they will be baptized before I leave... but I am praying for it haha. I just have to remind myself that it’s not my decision, its theirs. But I really do love them so much. I can’t wait for you to meet them someday.  Miguel, a boy we are teaching from a part member family should be getting baptized on the 17th! We are so excited not only for him but also for the whole family. It’s so cool to see how one little boy can help reactivate his family through baptism.  It’s kind of a similar situation to the Salas kids. Who, by the way have come to church almost every Sunday since the baptism ;) As we stopped by to kind of "say goodbye" the mom just took me in her arms and cried. She thanked me over and over. Its moments like that that you know you have done your job. Well at least God did. :)
Some of our new investigators have turned out to be really awesome as well! We met a woman named Rita last night who is basically a "dry Mormon" She had so many good questions during our lesson and believes everything we do. She is a very faithful member of the Catholic Church but is very excited to read the book of Mormon. Also are teaching a woman named Josefina and her daughter Yesenia. We actually originally thought they weren't interested but luckily we were persistent and now they are beginning to progress in the gospel. Miracles are happening! This week we also were able to have some really spiritual lessons with members. It seems that whenever we prayerfully choose a member to go by they ALWAYS need us in that moment. There is nothing like being an instrument of the spirit.
I gave my "dying testimony" in zone training this week.  It wasn't anything like I expected it would be. You always kind of imagine that moment your whole mission but I just walked up, gave my testimony, and sat down and it STILL doesn't feel real haha. I have my departing interview with President on Saturday which will be interesting. I guess I’m in denial.. I still feel like I have forever. Although i've heard it doesn't hit you till you are laying in bed at home haha.
This week I've been studying a lot on the Christ-like attribute of patience. I was reading in Romans (I think its chapter 5) where Paul talks about how we should "glory in tribulation." What a phrase huh? Glory in tribulation. Well, it’s possible! Tribulation produces patience and patience produces hope. How can we have hope without tribulation and patience? I love the gospel because it helps us to not only endure our trials but endure them well and be able to grow in them.  The church is true people.
Well this is a long email! Better stop now :) I love you so very much!!!! I'm counting down the days too... but I definitely don't have a chain haha. LOVE YOU

Hermana Maxwell

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