Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Challenges never occur in life without a whole lot of learning" email 12/30/14


Well this week has been a bit of a challenge but a challenge never occurs in life without a whole bunch of learning to go along with it! Especially patience :) Still feeling really crummy. This is a different kind of illness than I've ever had.  VERY weak and tired, a bit sick to my stomach, cough, just cant seem to get better. BUT! the TB test came back negative! yay! I got some blood-work done yesterday (a horror-story for another day... couldn't get my veins to bleed..almost passed out... not fun) and the results come in today. 
Christmas was wonderful although I spent all of it in the apartment. We received a lot of support from other missionaries and from the ward so it was truly a demonstration of Christ-like charity.  No plans for the New Year... other than hopefully just working my butt off :) MLC is tomorrow but we aren't sure if we are going to be able to make it.
Im sorry its kind of a depressing email this week, my head is pretty in the clouds and I cant think straight. However I am grateful. So grateful for the opportunity I have to still wear this tag, even if its in bed haha. Ill keep you posted on whats going on. I love you so much.

Hermana Maxwell

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