Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thank Goodness for 6 year old piano lessons! Email 12/2/2014

Our "quidditch match" for a sisters activity. It was amazing haha

Team Gryffindor (we won by the way)

The Salas kids...Happy baptism day!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Another crazy awesome week over! Thanksgiving was... exciting haha. We ate three dinners and then both knew bad things would happen if we tried to cram another one in ;) so we ended up having to take the food home from the last two. It was a really good day though! The company was the best part. We ate with a recent convert, a less active, an investigator, and 2 members. The recent convert, Nora, didn't have anyone to share thanksgiving with and she was so appreciative that we came. She said that missionaries are her family now :)
The Salas kids' baptism also went really well! I had to unexpectedly try and pluck out the notes for the hymns on the piano because our piano player came late... thank goodness for 6 year old piano lessons. Again... moms are always right. It was really cute because we had them sing "Soy un hijo de Dios" dressed all in their white. Hermana Salas was bawling the entire time. So cool to see a family come together for something like that. We had to unexpectedly teach primary on Sunday... I have a whole new appreciation for primary teachers. 7 5yr olds keep you on your toes.
We are beginning to teach a couple new families as well!! Looks like next transfer will be pretty successful too :) Im feeling really blessed to have such wonderful last transfers of my mission. The "he is the gift" initiative is starting out running too! Its so fun to be able to talk to EVERYONE about the importance of Christmas. There is nothing like Christmas on the mission.
Spiritual thought for this week... I was studying in Luke the other day about the parable of the Prodigal's son. That parable has always kind of stuck out in my mind and for awhile it bugged me a little. I always had more of the attitude of the brother than the welcoming father. As I have pondered and studied more about it, it has become one of my favorite parables from the life of Christ. The principle all comes down to taking joy in other people's conversion/ or reactivation in the gospel. If someone comes back why not be happy for them? Even if we have been basically obedient our whole lives, we have our reward, why not be happy for others who achieve it as well? Whether or not its at the beginning of their life or at the end, we have the same goal. I also like to look at myself as the Prodigal's son. So many times we waste our time doing pointless things instead of "working" for God. And before we know it, we are farther from him then we would like to be. But as soon as we turn around and come back, He "runs to us, embraces us, and still recognizes us has his child." We are able to reclaim our inheritance and live with him again. I love the New Testament!!!!
Well I sure do love you all. Focus on Christ this Christmas. He really is the true "gift" that every single one of us receive. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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