Wednesday, December 24, 2014

LAST TRANSFER!! Email 12/16/2014

New Comp: Hmna Budge

Another crazy week over in the life of Hermana Maxwell! I feel like week 1 of the transfer is always slightly bonkers.  Hermana Budge (I was right!) my new comp is all settled in now. She is awesome!!! She is from Layton UT but her family just moved to St. George. As with all of my companions she has gone through some really hard things in her life including leukemia as a child. I look up to her a lot. She has such a humble spirit and is willing to learn and work hard.  She has been out about a year on her mission. 
So bad news first... we had to drop Luis Reyes. Apparently he has been drinking behind our backs and doesn't really want to be baptized. He was just doing it to please his wife. Pretty heartbreaking but its ok! They did all come to church on Sunday which was good!
Good news. First I FINALLY have gotten over being sick. I have been able to work but I finally had to go see a PA in New Mexico to get an antibiotic. It lasted 12 days... awful. BUT ITS OVER!! :) Also we have seen SO many miracles this week. I love the Christmas season so stinkin much. We invited Monica and her kids to the ward Christmas party and she came!!! They just ate it up and they all want to be baptized and to come to church :) she made so many friends in the ward!!! This is the family every missionary dreams about. Im so excited for them I cant even tell you!!
Maria Gomez also finnnnallly switched her work schedule and is coming to church on sunday!!! Early even!!! (that's a very important detail. Everything starts an 1hr late in the Mexican culture.) She surprised us by waiting till the end of the lesson to tell us.
Basically i'm just really happy. Time is going real fast.... especially with the Christmas season. We are singing a special musical number on sunday put on by the stake president's wife. She is like a Mexican Mozart haha. Really though.. she's intense. I love my Savior and I love being able to testify of him every single day. There is nothing better. Also I love my dear family and friends and am so grateful for every single one of you!!! Have the best week ever. y feliz navidad!
Hermana Maxwell 

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