Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Familia!!! Feliz Navidad!!!!
Things in El Paso are great! This past week has really been a good self-reflection/spiritual time for me. We had our zone conference which was all about what our real purpose is as missionaries. A lot of us get caught up in other "good" things but they aren't our purpose. Such as developing our own testimonies, blessing our own families, etc. Those aren't bad things but they are focused inward instead of outward. We are here to bring others to Christ through living his gospel. I have really tried harder to focus outward these last couple of days and it has been awesome :)
Investigators are doing great! Maria Gomez is going to finnnnallly quit her job and Monica and the kids are just as amazing as ever. Everytime Camila (9) prays she says: "Thank you for Budge and Maxwell for teaching us about you." Its the most adorable thing ever. The other day another little boy prayed "Dear god. Just keep doin what your doin.  And please bless Obama that he can make good decisions." I LOVE KIDS PRAYERS haha. We have gone on a couple exchanges this past week and I got to go out to Ysleta again! Its always so weird being back out there. I found the singing turkey you sent me last year as well as our old blankets/santa hats. It was really funny and super nostalgic. We have been doing a ton of caroling lately and its soooo amazing. The first time we did it it was super awkward because no one carols here in El Paso but it is such a good way to soften peoples hearts around this time of year. No matter how bad we sing ;)
Im feeling quite a bit better... this transfer has just been kind of unhealthy all over the place but its ok. As im sitting writing this im kind of nauseous but im alright.  Just pray for me :) Ill get over it. Basically im just real happy. I love this time of year, I love my savior, and I love getting to represent him as a full-time missionary. Times are a bit bittersweet right now but Im enjoying every second. Love you all so much and Ill see you soon!
"He is the Gift" - John 3:16
Hermana Maxwell

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