Friday, November 14, 2014


Wow where do I start with this week. Its been AWESOME. We were struggling for awhile finding new investigators but we remained obedient and diligent in contacting/tracting. We fasted and prayed last fast Sunday for us to be able to find those prepared people and this past week we found 8 NEW INVESTIGATORS! I have such a testimony of the power of 1. obedience and 2. fasting!! Its been so cool to see the trust that heavenly father has in us as missionaries. I have also noticed an increase in myself of being spiritually in tune. It seems that every time we stop by a members home and share a message they always say "that was exactly what I needed!" or "that was an answer to my prayer!" Its been really awesome seeing the way God uses us as his mouthpieces. Because of that, and our recent successes we have been able to build up a lot more ward trust. We were finally able to attend ward council this past sunday. Such a blessing to be able to sit in a room with the leadership of the ward and discuss the work. Its so much more efficient when its done that way! This past sunday was also the primary program. I must say Spanish ward primary programs are way better than English wards simply because they go ALL out! They had all the kids dress up in white and had flowers in all the girls hair... it was sooooooo cute. Some of Luz's kids got to sing too and EVERY time June stood up she waved at me haha. It almost felt like I was watching my own kids!
The members here are so funny... they keep trying to set me up with their sons now that the time is starting to wind down. Its REAL awkward. I just kind of laugh, turn red and say "no se Hermana... no se..." Im gonna be so weird when I come home heads up.
There has been a few huge miracles lately that I want to share briefly. First off Luis hasn't smoked or drank in a week and a half!!!!!!! So exciting. Also we had a beautiful lesson with the salas family the other day. The kids are always so crazy its really hard to have the spirit there. But this time the mom suggested we sing a hymn. So we all gathered together and sang "Grand eres tu" (how great thou art) which was one of her favorites as a kid. We started to sing (way off tune haha... they cant sing to well) and the spirit just filled the room. Some of the kids started crying, the others got quiet, and Hermana Salas just started bawling. I think its been a long time since she has felt the spirit like that. Afterwards she just sat and cried into my shoulder saying "gracias... gracias" Really amazing to know we have helped that family get reactivated/the kids baptized. They came to church on Sunday :)
Biggest miracle that happened though. So another less active family we have been working with brought their brother to church a couple times. He is in is 30s. We finally were able to start teaching him and when we went by he said he wants to be baptized as soon as possible!! Basically... he is getting baptized in 2 weeks. Crazy right??? way prepared. His name is Giovanni and he is divorced with a couple kids. So cool.
Well this email is getting real long so I think ill stop there but im just super happy. Life is good. and the church is true :) I will forever and EVER thank my heavenly father for these experiences im having and for the wonderful people that support me in it. (aka you) I love you all so much. Keep being amazing and ALWAYS looking to strengthen and improve your individual testimonies. LES QUIERO TANTO!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Maxwell
This little girl is named Kimberly. She is adorable and is always putting stickers on my forehead

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