Monday, November 3, 2014

STAYN' IN TEXAS! Email 10/27/2014

Baptism...Hoooray!! Sis. Serna

Temple trip too!!! So Blessed!


TRANSFER NEWS: Hermana Gubeli are staying together!! I will be "killing" yet another companion. Everyone in the mission knows me as a "mass-murderer" now haha. She will be my 3rd victim. Looks like im going to be dying in this area myself considering I need to keep the area going this coming transfer as well! It was pretty expected... and im exited to be able to spend so long in the wonderful ward of Montanavista.
This week has just been incredible to say the least. Best weekend of my life with a baptism, a confirmation, and a temple trip!! Leticia Serna was baptized, and despite her phobia of water, it went really well! We had a few hiccups with the program because our ward mission leader got stuck in Juarez for the weekend but it all worked out! She was really really nervous but I knew that she felt that what she was doing was right. I was praying fervently the whole time for the lord to help calm her down haha. Plus she had to get dunked twice because the first time he forgot to say "amen." Kind of important :)
The temple trip was also amazing! I felt so lucky to be able to tag along even though it wasn't my recent convert going though. I hope Jesus and Josefina go before I leave! We got to do the session in Spanish which was really exciting too haha. Even though I know Spanish well now its still surprisingly hard to do that!
Its still pretty hot around here... but its almost Halloween so hopefully winter will be upon us soon! I already am completely loaded on candy from all my supportive friends back home and the members here. Hermana Gubeli and I have decided to start running again haha. I cant believe October is almost over! Random thought: im pretty sure im going to get into the ukulele when I get home :) Hermana Ramirez has one and she has taught me a couple songs already. Its so fun!
Pretty much im just loving the mission. Time is going much too fast! Im excited for this new transfer and for all the miracles/challenges it will bring. I can already tell im going to grow a ton. Thanks for all of your support. It means more than you have any idea.
Spiritual thought: this morning I was studying in Matthew and there is a particular story where Christ is travelling and two men come up blind and ask Christ to have mercy on them. In the scripture it says that Christ "stood STILL and CALLED to them." asking them what he could do for them. They physically had to COME to him and ASK to be healed. As I thought about it, I realized that's how all the miracles Christ performed were. I cant think of one time when the person, or a person close to them, didn't have to demonstrate some form of action to be healed. Its OUR job to come unto Christ. He is ALWAYS there but we have to walk to him in order to 1)be "healed"spiritually (be able to make it back to god) and 2) receive the pure joy that comes from that. Just a thought.
Hermana Maxwell

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