Thursday, November 20, 2014


So pretty much its been the most miraculous week ever. Giovanni Padilla is going to officially be baptized on Saturday! We had to go through a lot of people (mission president, bishops, stake presidents etc) to get permission to baptize him in this ward because he technically lives in El Centro. He is one of the most prepared people I have EVER met on my mission and he is inviting everyone he possibly can to his baptism. Its going to be PACKED to say the least. I think all the missionaries are going to do a musical number as well so it should be a really powerful spiritual experience for him.
We also were able to make a big jump with one of our investigators named Maria Gomez. She was actually taught by Hermana Cederquist way back in the day (she served in this area at the beginning of her mission). She had told us from the get-go that she wants to be baptized in this church but couldn't come on Sunday until she quits her job in January. We have been working and praying for her to have the courage to ask for sundays off and she finally agreed to it this past lesson! We also brought some great member fellowship for her and they totally hit it off. I honestly had no idea before the mission how important members are in this work.
Also kind of funny/scary experience.... turns out one of the sisters in our zone had lice at the beginning of this transfer and I knew I had slept in her bed and hugged her. So basically I was FLIPPING out. Apparently I have a legit phobia of lice because I couldn't stop scratching my head and every thought that passed through my head was just like "YOU HAVE LICE!!!" It was horrible. I kept checking my hair in the mirror but couldn't see anything. Finally I couldn't handle it any more so we called a member from 8th ward named sister Barnett over because she cuts hair. She checked both of us and guess what... we don't have lice!!! YAY!!!! It was a horrifying experience overall though. Really grateful for lice-free hair nowadays.
I love preaching this gospel. If I could do this the rest of my life and have weekends off I totally would. Time is flying and i'm trying to live up every single second. Thank you for all your support and love. Wouldn't be here without you!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Hermana Maxwell

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