Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FELIZ DIA DE GRACIAS! Happy Day of Thanks! email 11/25/2014

We are doing a quidditch match for  a sisters activity today. Its going to be the best. I was placed in Gryffindor of course ;)

Havin' a bit of fun while contacting. Sometimes you need to stop and just blow some dandelions.

Salas kids after our missionary work lesson!

Baptism...Hooray!  Congrats Giovanni

Its been an amazing week to say the least! Giovanni was baptized!!!!!! It was really crazy because we were late due to zone conference going over. But we got there and it all worked out. We said a really quick prayer with both him and our ward mission leader who baptized him before the service began. Giovanni offered it and started crying.. it was a really spiritual experience. Baptisms aren't everything but they are definitely a big bonus! The Salas kids (Kalani and Kenneth) will be baptized this Saturday! Lots of baptisms so we are being kept really busy... which is the BEST as a missionary! They have all the baptismal interview questions memorized and they have been coming to church so they are pretty prepared. Love them so much. Kalani is crazy and tackles like a professional lineman every time we walk through the door.
Went on a lot of exchanges this week because there has been quite a bit of sister drama. However it gives me another opportunity to serve so I don't mind too much. Just so glad im not that dramatic haha. Luis Reyes hasn't smoked or drank in two weeks now! So proud of him. He really does have a huge desire to be baptized. They are one of my favorite families ive ever met on my mission. Luz really hates it when she finds out we don't have dinner. So the other day she asked us where we ate and we put our heads down and slowly muttered "our apartment." We went on with the lesson and then right before we were about to leave her and luis both looked at us and said "do you like pancakes?" I answered ummmm yeah? And they both hopped up and literally ran to the kitchen to begin making pancakes at the speed of lightning. Hermana Gubeli just looked at each other and laughed. This is a regular occurrence at the Reyes home. We left with  stack of pancakes, eggs, tamales, pumpkin pie, and snickers bars in our backseat. They barely have the money to provide for their own family let alone us. We got in the car and I just started bawling. Im just so grateful for my mission and for the wonderful people ive met out here and been able to help.
This week we also had our zone conference with Lawrence E. Corbridge from the Presidency of the Seventy. SO good. One thing that he talked about that I really liked was thinking "above or below the line of productivity" When we think below the line we are always trying to push blame onto someone else (the bishop, parents, etc). Basically the "its not my job so why should I do it" attitude. Thinking above the line is seeing a need, owning the need, planning what to do, and DOING it! I realized this is a concept mom has tried to teach us our whole life haha. Just getting it mom... haha sorry. The whole "why do I have to pick up the toys? I didn't get them out!!!" is thinking WAY below the line. They also announced (not sure If you have heard about it yet...) the new worldwide Christmas initiative called "He is the gift." ITS AMAZING. They are sending out pass-along cards in the December ensign for members to pass out too... DO IT!!!! The church bought the banner for youtube for the month of December and are advertising it on times square!!! We are required as missionaries to use special pass-along cards and report the numbers of people we find through using the initiative. Its basically going to be the best Christmas ever.
Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!!! A few scriptures to ponder: 1 thessalonians 5:18, D&C 46:32, Phillipians 4:6, and Alma 34:38. we should have the attitude of thanksgiving DAILY. Love you all so much. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!
Hermana Maxwell

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