Sunday, November 9, 2014

A LOT OF KNOCKING!! Email 11/42014

"This is my mission, this is on multiple doors."
Basically it says:
THIS HOME IS CATHOLIC. We will not accept propaganda or proselyting from any other sect. Long live Christ. Long live the Virgin Mary mother of god!

So there isn't toooo much to talk about this week. Its been pretty normal! We have been outside a lot knocking on doors/contacting people on the street. Its not too hard to do considering our area is all neighborhoods. Hopefully going to get some new investigators coming through the woodworks. Also been doing a lot of sister visits/interviews! I had my interview with President Miller yesterday which was amazing as always. He dropped a hint that there is a possibility I could train my last transfer! We will see what happens. Cant say I wouldn't mind :) I love training!
We had a miracle this past week with a less active family! The parents are both suuuper less active and swore they would never come back to church... yet they still want their kids to be baptized.... don't ask me why. So we have been teaching two 9 year old twins Kalani and Kenneth (super wild and rambunctious but I love them!) This past time all of a sudden the mom had completely switched around and is going to start taking them to church!!! YAY!!! Miracles happen all the time.
Halloween was pretty uneventful here... still had to work... couldn't go to any parties. But it was still fun seeing a the little trick-or-treaters!!! Halloween is a lot different here than Utah though... its really... morbid. All the decorations are just horrible. I started taking pictures but then gave up because there is just too many and they are pretty bad. There was one house that had a man sawed in half with blood and guts coming out everywhere. Pretty nasty. I miss Halloween in Utah haha. But there are still cute little kids that dress up like vampires, cats, etc too. ;)
I love my mission!!! I have changed so much. Still me. But better :) The church is true, Christ lives, and we have the power and agency to find happiness in ANY situation because of the gospel. We should be the most positive people on the planet!! Thanks for all your support. Don't forget to be "active in the gospel" not just "active in the church!" LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
Hermana Maxwell  

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