Wednesday, October 1, 2014


"More flooding"

learning to make tortillas with Hermana Alvarado! (she's the best!)

our "cheesy missionary walking" picture :)

This week we had a lot of investigators drop us which is really sad. Many of them have a lot of potential. Its always hard to see that.... you know how much its going to bless their life and that they just cant see it. Its like waving a $100 dollars in front of someone’s face and have them not take it. Heartbreaking... but life goes on! And we have seen many miracles! Another trial that happened was the dad of the Nassi family left all the kids to find work in Michigan.... literally just deserted them. Now the 20 yr old (with a baby), and the 18 year old are working, going to school, paying the bills, and taking care of their two younger sisters. Its so sad. Amazingly they still recognize they need time for God and have a baptismal date now :) The dad wont let us teach the younger ones anymore because he thinks we are taking away from their school time... we cant do anything about it because they are under 18. But Yuni and Ali will be baptized for now! and the ward is helping them out financially which is a huge blessing!
Huge miracle happened this week. So the Reyes family (We baptized Jazmin and Mauricio) are all baptized now except for the dad. Missionaries have been trying for ages to teach him but he always hides upstairs when we come over. BUT. HE HAD DINNER WITH US AND ACCEPTED TAKING THE LESSONS!!! AHHHHH!!! his name is Luis and is super nice. I was worried about how he would take it but we've already taught him two and he is doing great!!!! I see a sealing on the horizon :) so beautiful. Also Carmen is completely changed :) She is soooo happy. Its amazing to see how the gospel affects peoples lives. She told me she feels like a new person. Made me so happy.
We had stake conference this weekend which was awesome of course!!! The main thing that stuck out to me was how we cant let fears overcome our faith. There are lots of things to be scared of nowadays but it impedes our progression if we are scared of them. As long as we are doing whats right we have NOTHING to fear!
ALSO (phew long email) we just got back from the TEMPLE TRIP!!! It was ammmazzziiiinnggg. My last one as a missionary :( (except for right before I go home we get to go with President). Learned so much as always. Got to go with Hermana pipkin too! I love seeing all the missionaries in the celestial room. I will forever hold those temple days as a missionary so sacred. You cant even describe the feeling. I cant wait to go every week when im home.
Well I love you all so much. I better stop now before I give y'all a headache. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON. which includes having fun, living the gospel, and just being the best people ever that you are. Have a great week!

Hermana Maxwell

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