Thursday, October 16, 2014


Makn' crepes!

This is what a summer in el paso will do to you!!


Another absolutely insane week! Turns out Hermana Standiford who is in my zone (im her STL) got pluritis AGAIN. Round two!!! Feels like we are practically living over at their apartment trying to help them by doing splits, taking care of her, etc. At least im experienced with it now haha. Its definitely exhausting but nice to have another opportunity to serve! This week is going to be equally crazy... since we have had so many health issues, and problems with the sisters this transfer we have to do 3 exchanges this week. That is A LOT for one week. Going to be all over the place!
We did have a miracle this week with our investigator Leticia!! We have been praying and asking and praying some more for her to set a baptismal date. She is incredible, and has already come to church 4 times (every single sunday). For some reason she just didn't feel ready. So we invited her to the Elder's baptism on Saturday and had a lesson afterwards. We had it in the chapel so the spirit was extra strong. The relief society president was with us and we taught completely by the spirit and didn't do anything we had planned to do. She set a date!!! And she started crying because she knows its right... so awesome. Crying is the best thing ever on the mission haha. She does have a couple reservations because she really wants her husband to support her more and do this with her. He isn't as interested but we promised she would be that example that he needs. This lady is SO prepared for the gospel. We pretty much met her, taught her, and she will be baptized all in one transfer. Miracles happen!
Also other miracle.. got to go to Golden Corral this week. ;) Do you have any idea how long its been since ive had roast and potatoes??? about 15 months. Man it was wonderful. Although I can promise you Im going to miss all the Mexican food we have here when I get home!
As we were driving out one night through the desert to see the Horizon sisters I had one of those "moments" where I realized how much I love this place. The sun was setting over the mountains in Juarez, our wheels were kicking up dust, and it was just beautiful. It has become a second home for me... especially El Paso. At first I hated the heat (well... I guess I still hate that part haha) the dust, the lack of trees, etc... but now it just feels like home. Im really going to miss it here. But it still feels like I have forever left on my mission hah. Not going to lie to you... at the same time it does feel like things are starting to wind down... but I try not to think about it too much because I really want to live every moment with this tag on. I love representing my Savior Jesus Christ. And you cant just walk up to people on the street all the time at home. People would think you were real weird haha.
Well I sure do love you all. Write soon!

Hermana Maxwell

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