Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS" Email 10/7/2014

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least. Its been a roller coaster but overall I have come away with MANY lessons learned and my spirit uplifted. Bad news first... the Nassi's didn't get baptized. Long story short... they didn't show up for their interview, Yuni got really mad at us because she felt like we were pressuring them too much... and they dropped us. It was pretty darn heartbreaking. We worked with them for 3 transfers and the ward was so involved in their conversion. I was feeling pretty low because I felt like it was my fault...but I have received a confirmation that it wasn't. Its just not their time. The work goes on... and we are trying to be more positive than ever. It was a big setback... so we are focusing a lot of energy on finding for the rest of the transfer.
Now the good news!! This week has been PACKED full of crazy-spiritual meetings that have motivated me to work so much harder as a missionary and towards the person I want to become. Started off with MLC where we got many good trainings on the Standards of Excellence and goal-settings. Hermana Pipkin also gave her "dying testimony" and it was the last time I will see her. She did incredible and had everyone in the room in tears. She said she felt like Peter when he answered Christ saying "whom say ye that I am?" and Peter "thou art the Christ." She has such a strong testimony of our Savior... its such an example to me. Im going to miss her and her example more than I can say.
Next was Zone training where I got to train the zone by myself on the importance of member-missionary work. It went well! Now im actually quite fond of training/standing up in front of people. Its weird haha. I guess I just like influencing people for good! Next was CONFERENCE!! So glad you got to watch all 4 sessions. We did too and I was just blown away as usual. I especially loved Christofferson's talk on agency and Bednar's talk on missionary work (obviously) :) I cant wait to read them again in the ensign. It also touched me that Elder Foster ( he came and spoke in our mission) when he gave the closing prayer prayed for the parents AND grandparents of the missionaries around the world. I hope you and the grandparents were paying attention to that because I sure was! LOVE CONFERENCE.
Lastly was zone conference!! We got our cars inspected, and had to get flu shots as well. (thought I would get away with that but NOPE) fun fact though.. the nurses daughter was named Brynna spelled the exact same way!!!! Tender mercy!! The meeting was again on goal-setting/using time wisely AND we got to watch "meet the Mormons!!!" Have you heard of that yet??? IT WAS AMAZING!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go see it!!!! and Invite EVERYONE to see it!!! its going to put out such great publicity for the church!!
Got my "trunky call" today. They asked what airport I would fly into and everything. Weird stuff!! Time is flying!!! Investigators are doing great particularly Leticia!! She has come to church every single time. We are hoping to set a date with her soon. Its still blazing hot here.... in the 80s and 90s. Miss and love you tons!!
Hermana Maxwell

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