Monday, October 27, 2014

A FRIENDLY VISIT! Email 10/21/2014

Rub a Dub two Hermanas is a tub??!!

A visit from Makayla aka Sis. Adams

In love with Archuleta!!


So this week has been crazy... obviously :) But awesome too!! Went on a billion exchanges and splits with the sisters. Hermana Standiford is still pretty darn sick...but doing better. President was actually debating on sending her home for awhile but she is going to stay!! so that's REALLY good news. Leticia is getting baptized on Friday!!!! Cant even wait. I think she is the most prepared person I have ever taught on my mission.
This week we get to go up to Albuquerque because Hermana Gubeli has a recent convert that is going through the temple. I just get to tag along since I am her companion :) Feeling super lucky! Cant wait for that either!! Then transfer calls come on Saturday night!! Pretty sure we are both going to stay but we shall see.
Had the biggest surprise ever on Saturday! I was just laying down to take a nap for lunch hour when a knock came at the door. (no one knocks on OUR door). I ran and opened it and standing there was Hermana Adams and Heather!! (another friend from snow who lives with makayla). I was SHOCKED beyond all reason obviously and almost tackled her off the railing. They took us out to lunch to Ihop. It was reeeaalllly weird to see her since she is no longer a missionary. She had just come to visit/tour the mission. Giant surprise none the less. Ill attach a picture.
Doing really well! Things are finally starting to cool down a bit... I thought fall had started last time but I was wrong. It was in the 90s most of the week haha. So I guess... it now APPEARS that fall is starting here. Today is super nice... in the 70s. Well I love you all so much. And I love being a missionary!!!!!! have the best week ever!!
Hermana Maxwell

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