Monday, October 27, 2014

A FRIENDLY VISIT! Email 10/21/2014

Rub a Dub two Hermanas is a tub??!!

A visit from Makayla aka Sis. Adams

In love with Archuleta!!


So this week has been crazy... obviously :) But awesome too!! Went on a billion exchanges and splits with the sisters. Hermana Standiford is still pretty darn sick...but doing better. President was actually debating on sending her home for awhile but she is going to stay!! so that's REALLY good news. Leticia is getting baptized on Friday!!!! Cant even wait. I think she is the most prepared person I have ever taught on my mission.
This week we get to go up to Albuquerque because Hermana Gubeli has a recent convert that is going through the temple. I just get to tag along since I am her companion :) Feeling super lucky! Cant wait for that either!! Then transfer calls come on Saturday night!! Pretty sure we are both going to stay but we shall see.
Had the biggest surprise ever on Saturday! I was just laying down to take a nap for lunch hour when a knock came at the door. (no one knocks on OUR door). I ran and opened it and standing there was Hermana Adams and Heather!! (another friend from snow who lives with makayla). I was SHOCKED beyond all reason obviously and almost tackled her off the railing. They took us out to lunch to Ihop. It was reeeaalllly weird to see her since she is no longer a missionary. She had just come to visit/tour the mission. Giant surprise none the less. Ill attach a picture.
Doing really well! Things are finally starting to cool down a bit... I thought fall had started last time but I was wrong. It was in the 90s most of the week haha. So I guess... it now APPEARS that fall is starting here. Today is super nice... in the 70s. Well I love you all so much. And I love being a missionary!!!!!! have the best week ever!!
Hermana Maxwell

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Makn' crepes!

This is what a summer in el paso will do to you!!


Another absolutely insane week! Turns out Hermana Standiford who is in my zone (im her STL) got pluritis AGAIN. Round two!!! Feels like we are practically living over at their apartment trying to help them by doing splits, taking care of her, etc. At least im experienced with it now haha. Its definitely exhausting but nice to have another opportunity to serve! This week is going to be equally crazy... since we have had so many health issues, and problems with the sisters this transfer we have to do 3 exchanges this week. That is A LOT for one week. Going to be all over the place!
We did have a miracle this week with our investigator Leticia!! We have been praying and asking and praying some more for her to set a baptismal date. She is incredible, and has already come to church 4 times (every single sunday). For some reason she just didn't feel ready. So we invited her to the Elder's baptism on Saturday and had a lesson afterwards. We had it in the chapel so the spirit was extra strong. The relief society president was with us and we taught completely by the spirit and didn't do anything we had planned to do. She set a date!!! And she started crying because she knows its right... so awesome. Crying is the best thing ever on the mission haha. She does have a couple reservations because she really wants her husband to support her more and do this with her. He isn't as interested but we promised she would be that example that he needs. This lady is SO prepared for the gospel. We pretty much met her, taught her, and she will be baptized all in one transfer. Miracles happen!
Also other miracle.. got to go to Golden Corral this week. ;) Do you have any idea how long its been since ive had roast and potatoes??? about 15 months. Man it was wonderful. Although I can promise you Im going to miss all the Mexican food we have here when I get home!
As we were driving out one night through the desert to see the Horizon sisters I had one of those "moments" where I realized how much I love this place. The sun was setting over the mountains in Juarez, our wheels were kicking up dust, and it was just beautiful. It has become a second home for me... especially El Paso. At first I hated the heat (well... I guess I still hate that part haha) the dust, the lack of trees, etc... but now it just feels like home. Im really going to miss it here. But it still feels like I have forever left on my mission hah. Not going to lie to you... at the same time it does feel like things are starting to wind down... but I try not to think about it too much because I really want to live every moment with this tag on. I love representing my Savior Jesus Christ. And you cant just walk up to people on the street all the time at home. People would think you were real weird haha.
Well I sure do love you all. Write soon!

Hermana Maxwell

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS" Email 10/7/2014

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least. Its been a roller coaster but overall I have come away with MANY lessons learned and my spirit uplifted. Bad news first... the Nassi's didn't get baptized. Long story short... they didn't show up for their interview, Yuni got really mad at us because she felt like we were pressuring them too much... and they dropped us. It was pretty darn heartbreaking. We worked with them for 3 transfers and the ward was so involved in their conversion. I was feeling pretty low because I felt like it was my fault...but I have received a confirmation that it wasn't. Its just not their time. The work goes on... and we are trying to be more positive than ever. It was a big setback... so we are focusing a lot of energy on finding for the rest of the transfer.
Now the good news!! This week has been PACKED full of crazy-spiritual meetings that have motivated me to work so much harder as a missionary and towards the person I want to become. Started off with MLC where we got many good trainings on the Standards of Excellence and goal-settings. Hermana Pipkin also gave her "dying testimony" and it was the last time I will see her. She did incredible and had everyone in the room in tears. She said she felt like Peter when he answered Christ saying "whom say ye that I am?" and Peter "thou art the Christ." She has such a strong testimony of our Savior... its such an example to me. Im going to miss her and her example more than I can say.
Next was Zone training where I got to train the zone by myself on the importance of member-missionary work. It went well! Now im actually quite fond of training/standing up in front of people. Its weird haha. I guess I just like influencing people for good! Next was CONFERENCE!! So glad you got to watch all 4 sessions. We did too and I was just blown away as usual. I especially loved Christofferson's talk on agency and Bednar's talk on missionary work (obviously) :) I cant wait to read them again in the ensign. It also touched me that Elder Foster ( he came and spoke in our mission) when he gave the closing prayer prayed for the parents AND grandparents of the missionaries around the world. I hope you and the grandparents were paying attention to that because I sure was! LOVE CONFERENCE.
Lastly was zone conference!! We got our cars inspected, and had to get flu shots as well. (thought I would get away with that but NOPE) fun fact though.. the nurses daughter was named Brynna spelled the exact same way!!!! Tender mercy!! The meeting was again on goal-setting/using time wisely AND we got to watch "meet the Mormons!!!" Have you heard of that yet??? IT WAS AMAZING!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go see it!!!! and Invite EVERYONE to see it!!! its going to put out such great publicity for the church!!
Got my "trunky call" today. They asked what airport I would fly into and everything. Weird stuff!! Time is flying!!! Investigators are doing great particularly Leticia!! She has come to church every single time. We are hoping to set a date with her soon. Its still blazing hot here.... in the 80s and 90s. Miss and love you tons!!
Hermana Maxwell

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LAKE POWELL IN TEXAS?!! email 9/30/2014

Leave it to McKenna to find Lake Powell in Texas!!!!

Family!!! ok so long story short this library is horrible and I have no time... so sorry
Sounds like everything is going great at home!!! Tell everyone at Grandmas that I love and miss them!! 
This week has been CRAZY!!! We have a lot going on in the mission right now and its hard to stay on top of it all. But the mission is the best when its busy :) We have a baptism on Saturday!!! Yuni and Ali Nassi are getting baptized at 12:30!!! Cant even wait. Its going to help them so much.
Wasn't the general womens meeting amazing??? I especially loved Uchtdorf's talk!!! He has a way with words... and makes everyone in the congregation feel like they are on top of the world. I am on pins and needles waiting for general conference.
We had dinner with Hermana Valenzuela the other day and it was horrible.... she gave us posole filled with bones, nerves, organs... the whole sha-bang. Luckily I was able to be sneaky and hid most of it under the bones in the bone bowl :) I still need to line my bag with plastic. Not a joke!
We had the opportunity this past week to go to a Christian church called "puerta del cielo." It was definitely an interesting experience... It was basically a concert with a few hallelujah's thrown in now and again. I came away with a pretty big headache haha. They had some things right... but mostly it just confirmed my testimony a lot of our church.
Seeing many miracles every day. I love this work. I wish I had more time this week but I got kicked off my computer... Just know how much I love you and think of you daily!!!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING you do. 
Hermana Maxwell   


"More flooding"

learning to make tortillas with Hermana Alvarado! (she's the best!)

our "cheesy missionary walking" picture :)

This week we had a lot of investigators drop us which is really sad. Many of them have a lot of potential. Its always hard to see that.... you know how much its going to bless their life and that they just cant see it. Its like waving a $100 dollars in front of someone’s face and have them not take it. Heartbreaking... but life goes on! And we have seen many miracles! Another trial that happened was the dad of the Nassi family left all the kids to find work in Michigan.... literally just deserted them. Now the 20 yr old (with a baby), and the 18 year old are working, going to school, paying the bills, and taking care of their two younger sisters. Its so sad. Amazingly they still recognize they need time for God and have a baptismal date now :) The dad wont let us teach the younger ones anymore because he thinks we are taking away from their school time... we cant do anything about it because they are under 18. But Yuni and Ali will be baptized for now! and the ward is helping them out financially which is a huge blessing!
Huge miracle happened this week. So the Reyes family (We baptized Jazmin and Mauricio) are all baptized now except for the dad. Missionaries have been trying for ages to teach him but he always hides upstairs when we come over. BUT. HE HAD DINNER WITH US AND ACCEPTED TAKING THE LESSONS!!! AHHHHH!!! his name is Luis and is super nice. I was worried about how he would take it but we've already taught him two and he is doing great!!!! I see a sealing on the horizon :) so beautiful. Also Carmen is completely changed :) She is soooo happy. Its amazing to see how the gospel affects peoples lives. She told me she feels like a new person. Made me so happy.
We had stake conference this weekend which was awesome of course!!! The main thing that stuck out to me was how we cant let fears overcome our faith. There are lots of things to be scared of nowadays but it impedes our progression if we are scared of them. As long as we are doing whats right we have NOTHING to fear!
ALSO (phew long email) we just got back from the TEMPLE TRIP!!! It was ammmazzziiiinnggg. My last one as a missionary :( (except for right before I go home we get to go with President). Learned so much as always. Got to go with Hermana pipkin too! I love seeing all the missionaries in the celestial room. I will forever hold those temple days as a missionary so sacred. You cant even describe the feeling. I cant wait to go every week when im home.
Well I love you all so much. I better stop now before I give y'all a headache. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON. which includes having fun, living the gospel, and just being the best people ever that you are. Have a great week!

Hermana Maxwell