Monday, September 15, 2014

CHANGES AHEAD! Email 9/15/2014

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Makin Cookies...yumm!!

Hey there!

 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PLANNER COVERS. Oh my goodness you have no idea how much that meant to me... that's one of those little things on the mission that is weirdly sentimental. Like its the only thing we get to decorate... and when I opened the letter from Hermana pipkin I about died. I really enjoyed the pictures this week! Kiera looks gorgeous... wow. She has changed a ton!!
Not too much to talk about this week!! Its been pretty slow with lots of goodbyes and packing... Hermana Cederquist is going to leave in 2 hours for Albuquerque... lots of mixed emotions as you can imagine. Im staying here in Montanavista and am going to receive a new companion! Im excited but also really nervous. I seriously just want some consistency in my mission haha.. I’m sick of only spending 6 weeks with people!
Right now as far as investigators go we are really trying to focus on the Nassi family. Both Yuni and Ali got jobs so its been a lot harder to meet with them. They could use some prayers for sure! I don't know really nothing much happened this week. Its been quite a bit cooler which has been SO nice! Lots of contacting in the streets and knocking doors. We tracted into a member family the other day. They let us in, asked where we were from, gave us water and 2 referrals and sent us out the door! I hope I can be a member family like that someday. Carmen has been doing wonderful since her baptism. She is 10x more loving and a lot less stubborn :) the holy ghost is awesome. Its been incredible to see such a change in her!!!
I have been reading this talk called "the fourth missionary" which is soooo incredibly amazing. I would honestly suggest looking it up because it applies to life in general. One thing that really stuck out to me is the concept of unconditionally surrendering our will to God. Our will is really the only thing we give back to him. We only give 10% of our worldly possessions, if we give our time we are only giving part of the time he has given us, if we give our heart, he has already granted us life that day, the air we breathe, EVERYTHING has come from him. The only thing we give back is our WILL. And when we do that, he changes us into a "being" capable of eternal happiness. Its a beautiful thing... the gospel. Isnt it? Im learning so much every day.
Well wish me luck this week. Im gonna need it! I love you all so much... don't ever forget it.

Hermana Maxwell  
PS JUST HEARD GLORIA GOT BAPTIZED FROM MY LAST AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


What?!!! She's growing horns?

Carmen's baptism day ...Hurray!


This week has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. We started it off with "killing" Hermana Cederquist last p-day by performing "illegal surgery" (lots of inside jokes involved... but just know it was hilarious!) and then we had MLC for a couple days!! Drove up to Albuquerque with some of my favorite missionaries in the mission (hna pipkin says hi!) and had an incredible meeting!!! We all talked about obedience and consecration in the mission. Its so cool because mlc isn't a "training" its more of a discussion. All of these young women and men gather together and come up with solutions for mission problems. Its like a business meeting almost but PACKED with the spirit. It was super awesome. There has also been a rule change... we are now only allowed to listen to Mormon tabernacle choir and hymns out of the hymn book.... its going to be an adjustment but I have every confidence in the revelation that was received by president. So expect some cds coming home in the next box!! The next day we did our zone training which went awesome!! I love training... never thought I would say that haha.  Ive also realized that if I put spray on every hour the mosquitos don't bite me as much :) got it figured out! Its still pretty darn hot here... cant wait for winter. we have been listening to Christmas music all month haha.
Carmen Urquiza is officially baptized and confirmed!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! it was a very spiritual day. She was crying during the whole service and came up and sincerely thanked us for everything afterwards. That meant a lot to me because she never says stuff like that. She even bore her testimony after she had gotten changed... she said that although the decision she made was difficult, she knows its right. It so is.... I have seen SUCH a change in her! She is a completely different person. Baptisms aren't everything but they sure do make you feel good!
Whelp... pretty much just learning new things each and every day... and every day I get more grateful for this experience I've had. I've just completely changed.... its all because of the atonement. I think that's the biggest thing ive learned so far... is just how real the atonement is. and that change is always possible. The church is true. im so happy. I love you all!!!
Hermana Maxwell

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Fruit Ninja Exercise Program

Like Mother ...Like Daughter!

McKenna got to see Alice from her first area


Whelp... this week was pretty normal!! Not too much to talk about... just working really hard!! Been having some fun too of course... we dressed up like ninjas and played "fruit ninja" the other day for morning exercise. I did get to go out to my old area again for exchanges which was a blast! Got to see Alice and a couple members!! This week we are going up to Albuquerque again for some leadership meetings which is always a BLAST. We have been looking forward to it all month.
Killing off another companion has been great! Also kind of sad... and lots of talk about home. But i'm learning so much from it. I really do love Hermana Cederquist and its going to be sad to see her go. She is an incredible missionary.
So Carmen is getting baptized on Saturday!!! Probably one of the biggest miracles of my whole mission. Last night we had a really scary lesson though. I've decided Im going to name all my future grey hairs "Carmen Urquiza." We got there and she told us she didn't want to be baptized and wanted to wait. Of course we were horribly disappointed. We decided to drop our lesson plan and teach according to her needs and by the end of the lesson she had changed her mind back around! She is getting baptized at 11:00 on Saturday :) It was like the world was going to end and then all of a sudden you get a free ticket to Disneyland kind of situation. She is the most stubborn, hard headed woman i've ever met. She has definitely done a number on multiple missionaries haha. and she is FINALLY getting to the waters of baptism!! We are so beyond excited.
Time is flying! Cant believe its September already!! SO glad that everyone is doing well. I love you all so much. Remember "If in the end you haven't chosen Christ, it wont matter what you have chosen." That quote is in the back of my scriptures. I love it! Almost as much as I love you :) Sorry its so short this week! Don't know what to say other than missionary work is the best!

Hermana Maxwell

picture: gecko that was above Carmen's door.