Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Mauricio (15) Jazmin (12) and June (8)

YEP...She is still McKenna!

oh my goodness those pictures are HILARIOUS!! you all are turning into hicks before my very eyes!! Glad everyone had fun :) That DISGUSTS me that Brynna is going into Junior high and Kayla is going to be driving!!! WOW. that's so weird. 
Well the results of transfers are in!! Im serving with Hermana Cederquist from Idaho :) We have actually been friends our whole missions and have served a lot together so its super awesome! It was a really unexpected change. She is going home this transfer too so im "killing off" another one!! Its so weird. We are only going to be together about another month and ill get a new companion.
This week has been super insane with transfers, MLC, and adjusting to the changes. We have all new sisters so its really exciting! Plus MLC was absolutely incredible... missionary work is changing! The training was all about working with members. We now do a member visit every single day to help get referrals and we have to have a prepared member to go with us for every single set appointment we have with an investigator. Its A LOT of work but we have already seen miracles coming from it! We were able to set a baptismal date with 3 of the Nassi kids :)
Its weird that my birthday is this week... just another day of normal missionary work! Its just weird to think a year ago I was a brand new missionary in Mexico! September is going to hit and time will just fly. Its a little frightening. Im so grateful for the person I have become... and the changes ive been able to see in myself. Im going to work as hard as I can these last 5 months and then continue it when I get home! I plan on being the best member missionary ever. Thanks for all of the support... I love you all more than words can say. Have a ggggrrreeeat week!
Hermana Maxwell

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