Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Monsoons do Exist!

Preparing for morning exercises...yep she is still McKenna!

Happy 22nd Birthday McKenna!!


My Birthday was AWESOME. Hermana Cederquist woke up early and made me "22" shaped pancakes and heart-attacked my desk for me. I also got some cards and stuff from some other missionaries. Birthdays are kind of nonexistent out here but it was still an awesome day. The best birthday present I got was from God though :) That night we met a new family of 6!!!! They are incredible and they even sang to me even though they didn't know me :) Their 3 year old Alia had her birthday on the 14th too so we had a little party with cake. Their names are LF Torrez and were a referral from a recent convert over in Ysleta actually! We are super excited about them.

The day after my birthday my recent converts (Luz and the kids) threw me a little birthday party :) It was so cute. They bought me a rose and a whole cake even though they don't have much money. They wouldn't eat any of it and made us take it all home haha. The kids drew side-walk pictures for me and Luis-Angel (5) gave me one of his toys for my "present." It was so cute it almost made me cry.
We had the BIGGEST miracle this week. We have been teaching this lady named Carmen ever since I have been here. she has been taught by the missionaries for over a year. We were going to drop her because she wasn't progressing very much but I felt impressed that we needed to keep teaching her. I was starting to lose my faith in her too after the last lesson we had. She almost got angry with us for asking her so many times to pray to get her answer. We decided to leave her be for 3 weeks or so. Then last night we went back over and she had COMPLETELY changed. I was so shocked. She started crying as she told us she is ready to take a step and change. She knows she needs to be baptized and is willing to do whatever it takes to be baptized on September 6th!!! It was such a beautiful moment. I would have NEVER guessed that would happen!!! God really does prepare his children. We are beyond excited. I love Carmen sooooo much too. I have worked with her ever since I started in this area. Prayer works!!
Seeing miracles every single day. Its just incredible. Hermana Cederquist and I are having a blast as well. We are constantly laughing. I love this woooooorrrkkkkK!!!!! ahhhh!!! Thanks for all your support. I love you all so much. The church is TRUE!
Hermana Maxwell  

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