Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Yep...that's our McKenna!

A mummy missionary!

A fun hike on Pday

Mis personas favoritas,
This week has been crazy as usual :) We actually just got back from hiking in 
Hueco Tanks State Park!! It reminded me a ton of Saint George and was a lot of fun!! I loooove my companion Hermana Cederquist... we are always laughing. I don't think there is a moment where we aren't. I think that's when life is the most enjoyable... when you can just laugh and enjoy every moment even if they aren't quote "fun" all the time.
We had a really really REALLY cool opportunity this week to go out onto Fort Bliss at the McGregor Range which is where they send soldiers just a few weeks before they are deployed so they can get used to the desert terrain. Hermana Cederquist is a pro piano player/opera singer so they needed her to play the piano. We got all the way out there and there was one soldier who came. In total there were 9 of us in this little tiny chapel on the range having a sacrament meeting. I think it was probably the most spiritual sacrament meeting of my entire life. It makes me think of the scripture that says something like where there are two or three gathering in my name, my spirit will be there. I was in tears the whole time. We also got the opportunity to bear our testimonies... it was so beautiful. Especially to see this father get up in his uniform with his weapon on his chest and bear such a humble testimony. I realized that if it wasn't for the military we wouldn't have this opportunity to be missionaries or to practice our religion at all. I have always taken that SO for granted. Never again.
Things are going good! Trying to eat up every second. I hit my 13 months this week... super weird. Cant believe its already week 4 of the transfer. We are working hard and trying to prepare for some baptisms comin up!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL. Thanks for all you do :) good luck with school/work/home... etc!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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