Thursday, August 7, 2014


"killing" Hermana Mitchell. super funny. Its a tradition when missionaries go home

Hermana Mitchell will be missed!

Sounds like Lake Powell was a blast as usual!! Im sure its still a pretty big relief to be home though. Lots of kids are starting school over here so its really weird. I still feel involved in that because it affects when we can see our investigators and stuff haha. I did get grandma's package! THANK YOU! and yes im staying here and will get a new companion. Don't find out who it is till tomorrow... im pretty nervous about it because EVERYONE in the zone is getting transferred which means we are going to have tons of new missionaries here. Since im a leader, that puts extra pressure but Im excited too! It has been a little weird with hna Mitchell preparing to go home... she leaves for Albuquerque today. Im really really going to miss her. Both her and Hna Pipkin have been my closest companions by far. I love her so much.
There isn't too much to talk about this week. Just a lot of tearful goodbyes! Jazmin Mauricio and June all got confirmed yesterday... it was so beautiful. In Mauricios blessing he told him he would be a missionary someday ;') I hope so. That family is so amazing. Yesterday they had all six kids say a prayer for Hna Mitchell that she could be safe. This is all just so weird!
The other day we were talking a lot about agency and how when we accepted gods plan to come here not only did we accept the consequences of our own choices/actions but also others consequences too. We knew that we would be affected by people good or bad... but we also knew that God would provide a way to find the one path to true happiness.. the gospel of Jesus Christ. Im currently starting Jesus the Christ over again and I LOVE it. It helps me come to know my Savior and his life just a little bit more. Hermana Mitchell and I also set a life goal of reading the book of Mormon every day for the rest of our lives. It was a really special moment actually.  We both kneeled down on the floor of our apartment, a big monsoon was rolling in and we just humbly covenanted with heavenly father that we would do it. Im so excited. Ive always thought about setting goals like that but never had the guts to do it. The mission gives you a lot of the drive you need to do things like that.
The gospel is true! Im bracing myself for all the changes but super happy to do whatever god wants me to do. Thanks for all of your wonderful support!!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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