Thursday, August 7, 2014


Baptism of Mauricio 15, Jazmin 11 & June 8

This week has been basically a bunch of miracles strung together with awkward moments... actually... that's just the whole mission. But this week especially! First of all the baptism went through!! They were all soo excited and couldn't wait to hop into the font. When we got them all dressed in white they looked like they were angels... it was so beautiful. Jazmin came up after and said "that was so awesome!!!" with a huge grin on her face. We gave them all a soaking wet hug after and told them how proud we were of them. Also had quite a bit of fun running through the stake center afterwards being chased by a herd of children and hiding in bathroom stalls so they couldn't find us...not sure if Christ would do that or not... but... we had a lot of fun for a few minutes :)
Some other miracles... La familia Nassi came to church!!!! They loved it and im pretty sure we are going to be setting a baptismal date with all of them soon. Hermana Mitchell is actually starting to pack... that's a miracle too haha. jk. don't tell her I said that. Its so weird to see her getting ready to go. Im going to miss her so much.
So now for a good funny contacting story :) The other day we were knocking some doors after we had gotten done fasting all day. It was reeeallly hot and we were probably slightly dehydrated. We were about done when this man walks out of his garage. I could tell right off the bat he was bonkers because he wouldn't stop laughing awkwardly and talking to an invisible person in his garage. We told him we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and he said "OH! you're from the MISSIONARY! I know him!! I looked in the mirror this morning and there he was!!" he told us he was a 100 and had found the fountain of youth... tried to preach to us about global warming and overpopulation and really felt like his life goal should have been to be a comedian. Nope. Definitely not an inspired life-pursuit for this guy. But a child of god nonetheless. He told us "my name is Patrick. Im the best Patrick in the whole world! I mean, cmon I love the color green and everything! If you look at all the Patricks im just the best!" I started trying to frantically end the conversation and back away but as I glanced over at hna Mitchell she was pale as a ghost and had her hand to her mouth. The second I realized what was going on she runs and hurls all over the side of his house haha. I just stood there in shock. Literally. Did not see that coming at all. I think it was a combo of the heat, fasting, and crazy people. We awkwardly apologized and ran away. Decided to stay in the apartment the rest of the night in case she threw up again... it was pretty bad. Most awkward contact of MY LIFE. A bird also pooped on her head the other day... poor girl. God just loves her I guess.
Whelp. Now that that's over. Missions are just the best. I love you all so much!!
Hermana Maxwell  

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