Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Yep...that's our McKenna!

A mummy missionary!

A fun hike on Pday

Mis personas favoritas,
This week has been crazy as usual :) We actually just got back from hiking in 
Hueco Tanks State Park!! It reminded me a ton of Saint George and was a lot of fun!! I loooove my companion Hermana Cederquist... we are always laughing. I don't think there is a moment where we aren't. I think that's when life is the most enjoyable... when you can just laugh and enjoy every moment even if they aren't quote "fun" all the time.
We had a really really REALLY cool opportunity this week to go out onto Fort Bliss at the McGregor Range which is where they send soldiers just a few weeks before they are deployed so they can get used to the desert terrain. Hermana Cederquist is a pro piano player/opera singer so they needed her to play the piano. We got all the way out there and there was one soldier who came. In total there were 9 of us in this little tiny chapel on the range having a sacrament meeting. I think it was probably the most spiritual sacrament meeting of my entire life. It makes me think of the scripture that says something like where there are two or three gathering in my name, my spirit will be there. I was in tears the whole time. We also got the opportunity to bear our testimonies... it was so beautiful. Especially to see this father get up in his uniform with his weapon on his chest and bear such a humble testimony. I realized that if it wasn't for the military we wouldn't have this opportunity to be missionaries or to practice our religion at all. I have always taken that SO for granted. Never again.
Things are going good! Trying to eat up every second. I hit my 13 months this week... super weird. Cant believe its already week 4 of the transfer. We are working hard and trying to prepare for some baptisms comin up!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL. Thanks for all you do :) good luck with school/work/home... etc!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Maxwell

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Monsoons do Exist!

Preparing for morning exercises...yep she is still McKenna!

Happy 22nd Birthday McKenna!!


My Birthday was AWESOME. Hermana Cederquist woke up early and made me "22" shaped pancakes and heart-attacked my desk for me. I also got some cards and stuff from some other missionaries. Birthdays are kind of nonexistent out here but it was still an awesome day. The best birthday present I got was from God though :) That night we met a new family of 6!!!! They are incredible and they even sang to me even though they didn't know me :) Their 3 year old Alia had her birthday on the 14th too so we had a little party with cake. Their names are LF Torrez and were a referral from a recent convert over in Ysleta actually! We are super excited about them.

The day after my birthday my recent converts (Luz and the kids) threw me a little birthday party :) It was so cute. They bought me a rose and a whole cake even though they don't have much money. They wouldn't eat any of it and made us take it all home haha. The kids drew side-walk pictures for me and Luis-Angel (5) gave me one of his toys for my "present." It was so cute it almost made me cry.
We had the BIGGEST miracle this week. We have been teaching this lady named Carmen ever since I have been here. she has been taught by the missionaries for over a year. We were going to drop her because she wasn't progressing very much but I felt impressed that we needed to keep teaching her. I was starting to lose my faith in her too after the last lesson we had. She almost got angry with us for asking her so many times to pray to get her answer. We decided to leave her be for 3 weeks or so. Then last night we went back over and she had COMPLETELY changed. I was so shocked. She started crying as she told us she is ready to take a step and change. She knows she needs to be baptized and is willing to do whatever it takes to be baptized on September 6th!!! It was such a beautiful moment. I would have NEVER guessed that would happen!!! God really does prepare his children. We are beyond excited. I love Carmen sooooo much too. I have worked with her ever since I started in this area. Prayer works!!
Seeing miracles every single day. Its just incredible. Hermana Cederquist and I are having a blast as well. We are constantly laughing. I love this woooooorrrkkkkK!!!!! ahhhh!!! Thanks for all your support. I love you all so much. The church is TRUE!
Hermana Maxwell  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Mauricio (15) Jazmin (12) and June (8)

YEP...She is still McKenna!

oh my goodness those pictures are HILARIOUS!! you all are turning into hicks before my very eyes!! Glad everyone had fun :) That DISGUSTS me that Brynna is going into Junior high and Kayla is going to be driving!!! WOW. that's so weird. 
Well the results of transfers are in!! Im serving with Hermana Cederquist from Idaho :) We have actually been friends our whole missions and have served a lot together so its super awesome! It was a really unexpected change. She is going home this transfer too so im "killing off" another one!! Its so weird. We are only going to be together about another month and ill get a new companion.
This week has been super insane with transfers, MLC, and adjusting to the changes. We have all new sisters so its really exciting! Plus MLC was absolutely incredible... missionary work is changing! The training was all about working with members. We now do a member visit every single day to help get referrals and we have to have a prepared member to go with us for every single set appointment we have with an investigator. Its A LOT of work but we have already seen miracles coming from it! We were able to set a baptismal date with 3 of the Nassi kids :)
Its weird that my birthday is this week... just another day of normal missionary work! Its just weird to think a year ago I was a brand new missionary in Mexico! September is going to hit and time will just fly. Its a little frightening. Im so grateful for the person I have become... and the changes ive been able to see in myself. Im going to work as hard as I can these last 5 months and then continue it when I get home! I plan on being the best member missionary ever. Thanks for all of the support... I love you all more than words can say. Have a ggggrrreeeat week!
Hermana Maxwell

Thursday, August 7, 2014


"killing" Hermana Mitchell. super funny. Its a tradition when missionaries go home

Hermana Mitchell will be missed!

Sounds like Lake Powell was a blast as usual!! Im sure its still a pretty big relief to be home though. Lots of kids are starting school over here so its really weird. I still feel involved in that because it affects when we can see our investigators and stuff haha. I did get grandma's package! THANK YOU! and yes im staying here and will get a new companion. Don't find out who it is till tomorrow... im pretty nervous about it because EVERYONE in the zone is getting transferred which means we are going to have tons of new missionaries here. Since im a leader, that puts extra pressure but Im excited too! It has been a little weird with hna Mitchell preparing to go home... she leaves for Albuquerque today. Im really really going to miss her. Both her and Hna Pipkin have been my closest companions by far. I love her so much.
There isn't too much to talk about this week. Just a lot of tearful goodbyes! Jazmin Mauricio and June all got confirmed yesterday... it was so beautiful. In Mauricios blessing he told him he would be a missionary someday ;') I hope so. That family is so amazing. Yesterday they had all six kids say a prayer for Hna Mitchell that she could be safe. This is all just so weird!
The other day we were talking a lot about agency and how when we accepted gods plan to come here not only did we accept the consequences of our own choices/actions but also others consequences too. We knew that we would be affected by people good or bad... but we also knew that God would provide a way to find the one path to true happiness.. the gospel of Jesus Christ. Im currently starting Jesus the Christ over again and I LOVE it. It helps me come to know my Savior and his life just a little bit more. Hermana Mitchell and I also set a life goal of reading the book of Mormon every day for the rest of our lives. It was a really special moment actually.  We both kneeled down on the floor of our apartment, a big monsoon was rolling in and we just humbly covenanted with heavenly father that we would do it. Im so excited. Ive always thought about setting goals like that but never had the guts to do it. The mission gives you a lot of the drive you need to do things like that.
The gospel is true! Im bracing myself for all the changes but super happy to do whatever god wants me to do. Thanks for all of your wonderful support!!!!
Hermana Maxwell


Baptism of Mauricio 15, Jazmin 11 & June 8

This week has been basically a bunch of miracles strung together with awkward moments... actually... that's just the whole mission. But this week especially! First of all the baptism went through!! They were all soo excited and couldn't wait to hop into the font. When we got them all dressed in white they looked like they were angels... it was so beautiful. Jazmin came up after and said "that was so awesome!!!" with a huge grin on her face. We gave them all a soaking wet hug after and told them how proud we were of them. Also had quite a bit of fun running through the stake center afterwards being chased by a herd of children and hiding in bathroom stalls so they couldn't find us...not sure if Christ would do that or not... but... we had a lot of fun for a few minutes :)
Some other miracles... La familia Nassi came to church!!!! They loved it and im pretty sure we are going to be setting a baptismal date with all of them soon. Hermana Mitchell is actually starting to pack... that's a miracle too haha. jk. don't tell her I said that. Its so weird to see her getting ready to go. Im going to miss her so much.
So now for a good funny contacting story :) The other day we were knocking some doors after we had gotten done fasting all day. It was reeeallly hot and we were probably slightly dehydrated. We were about done when this man walks out of his garage. I could tell right off the bat he was bonkers because he wouldn't stop laughing awkwardly and talking to an invisible person in his garage. We told him we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and he said "OH! you're from the MISSIONARY! I know him!! I looked in the mirror this morning and there he was!!" he told us he was a 100 and had found the fountain of youth... tried to preach to us about global warming and overpopulation and really felt like his life goal should have been to be a comedian. Nope. Definitely not an inspired life-pursuit for this guy. But a child of god nonetheless. He told us "my name is Patrick. Im the best Patrick in the whole world! I mean, cmon I love the color green and everything! If you look at all the Patricks im just the best!" I started trying to frantically end the conversation and back away but as I glanced over at hna Mitchell she was pale as a ghost and had her hand to her mouth. The second I realized what was going on she runs and hurls all over the side of his house haha. I just stood there in shock. Literally. Did not see that coming at all. I think it was a combo of the heat, fasting, and crazy people. We awkwardly apologized and ran away. Decided to stay in the apartment the rest of the night in case she threw up again... it was pretty bad. Most awkward contact of MY LIFE. A bird also pooped on her head the other day... poor girl. God just loves her I guess.
Whelp. Now that that's over. Missions are just the best. I love you all so much!!
Hermana Maxwell