Thursday, July 24, 2014


Monsoon Weather!!

"Being soaking wet after literally 5 seconds from our car to our apartment"


Well this week has been as crazy as usual!! Almost every night we get a huge monsoon. When I first came on the mission I didn't believe everyone that said El Paso has a "monsoon season." Boy was I wrong... I have never seen storms like these in my whole life. The streets literally become rivers and sometimes we have to go home early because of flooding. Its always really exciting though!
We should have a baptism this Sunday!!!!! Jazmin, Mauricio and their 8 year old sister June are all getting baptized :) We are suuuuper stoked. Its been a long while since I've had a baptism. We have been seeing our area grow soo much lately. Finding a lot of new people to teach and enjoying every second. We are teaching this family (cant remember if I told you already) named LF Nassi. They are so adorable. The 21 year old Yuni is especially interested. Every time we come over they excitedly pull out the two "best chairs" and listen attentively. I don't think they quite "get it" yet... that we are here to help them be baptized but the Dad loves having us teach his kids about God. Since we are so close to Juarez its hard to get people to church because everyone hops the border on the weekends... its been a problem my whole mission. So we are praying they will stay this weekend so they can come to church.
Yesterday Hermana Mitchell had her departing interview... its been really weird because we often talk about going home and life afterwards. We have also had a lot of deep doctrinal discussions about the gospel and life in general and how we want to apply the things we have learned on our missions in our everyday lives. I know i've said it a billion times but I am SO unbelievably grateful for the mission. Every day I kneel down and thank my heavenly father for it. Its really something that I hold very sacred. Just wanted to share a thought I had yesterday about receiving revelation/recognizing answers. I think we all doubt sometimes if we really know these things are true. Its like we are expecting that "moment" everyone talks about that we all of a sudden just know. All my life i've kind of expected huge spiritual manifestations or at least big confirmations of my testimony. But last night as we were talking after her interview I realized something. This is what I wrote down after I received this little "revelation" I guess you could say: "We often expect God to manifest himself in big extraordinary ways but that's not the way he works. Each of us is born with a little bit of God already in us so being near him shouldn't feel extraordinary. It should feel natural."  Ive never been closer to God in my life than on the mission... but sometimes I worry that I don't have those giant moments when I know all this is true. But I realized that those times in life when we are closest to God... it should feel normal and natural...not some huge "answer." Because that's what real life should be... close to him... not anything different. President told us that the mission is the "realest life ever gets".. we don't go home to "Real life." Anyways.. its just interesting. I cant explain it in words very adequately... but it totally changed my perspective on my testimony.
I love you all so much... more than you have any idea. I cant wait for the rest of eternity with you :) Cant believe i'm at my year. Its definitely bitter.... more than sweet haha. But a little sweet at the same time. Have an amazing week. I LOVE YOU!!
Hermana Maxwell

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