Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"KNEEL" TO PRAY! EMAIL 7/15/2014


This week has been BUSY. Well missionary life is always busy but its even busier now that I am a sister training leader. There is not a single moment where we are not rushing. But its rushing for God so its all worth it :) Plus I go to bed super happy and content because I know that I really gave my all. We did two sets of exchanges this week! I got to go back to Ysleta for a day!!! It was wonderful. I got to see Alice, Jesus and Josefina and a few members. They were all jumping up and down to see me. It was lots of fun but it definitely made me realize that HERE is where Im supposed to be serving. I no longer have stewardship over that area.. so Im happier here with hna Mitchell! I love serving and helping the sisters. Today we are throwing a crepe partay for them before zone sports. Hermana Mitchell showed me how to make Swedish crepes... super good. Ill have to bring that recipe home for sure.
I have never felt more unified with a companion in my life. We truly are working together for the same purpose and have the same mindset. Because of that we have seen billions of miracles and have seen a huge increase in our numbers. We should have a baptism on the 26th!! :) Their names are Jazmin, Mauricio, and June. They are kids of a recent convert that we have been teaching for awhile. I love them so much. Super excited for them. its been so long since I've had a baptism.
Its still hot here but we are now in Monsoon weather!!! And let me tell you... they are definitely monsoons. It will be super hot and then all of a sudden it will start pouring out of nowhere and water just fills the streets. Super cool. and it cools things down for awhile so we love them.
A couple things I've learned this week is simply just how much Heavenly Father loves us. He will ALWAYS answers our prayers. A quote from Eyring I read this week was "I thank you for kneeling down to pray every night even when you don't have all the answers" I really liked that. Even if we don't feel worthy to pray, or if we have questions, or anything... we ALWAYS need to pray. and KNEEL when we do. I will never ever lay in bed to pray again after my mission. There is such power in kneeling.  I also learned how fragile life is... we had a bit of a scare/close car crash and lets just say angels were protecting us. Nothing to worry about. But I realized how quickly life can be taken. So live every day with gratitude in your heart. Life is beautiful... and I know that it is meant to be HAPPY. "happiness can be a state of being."
I love you all so much and am so grateful for the examples you are to me. Keep it up. and stay classy.
Hermana Maxwell

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