Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Fun ride to Missionary Leadership Council

Tons of planning being a STL

Exchange with Sister Smith

3 former companions now all STL's * WOW awesome bunch

 Goodness life sounds busy at home that's for sure!! My only advice is to enjoy the small moments. That is one of the things I have learned most on my mission is just really taking a moment to breathe and look around you. There have been so many things I have taken for granted like watching a movie while eating cookies downstairs, or laughing at the dinner table, or pushing a little cousin on the swings, or laying out at lake powell, etc etc. There is SO much we have to be grateful for. Sometimes its hard when there is SO much going on but time flies so ridiculously fast.. before we know it we blink and its gone. I feel that way about my mission too.. cant believe im coming up on my year. 
I don't even know where to start out. This week has been one of my favorite weeks of my whole mission. I absolutely LOVE my new calling. We are soooo busy... don't even have time to breathe but I honestly have never been happier in my whole life. I lay in bed every night and just thank my heavenly father over and over again for this beautiful experience of my mission. I have always wanted to say 100% I love my mission... but up until now I haven't been able to say I really LOVE it you know? But honestly now.. I can. All those cliché things they say about the mission are so true. best two years... most selfish thing ive ever done... etc etc. are ALL true. Coming up on my year isn't a very enjoyable experience for me. I mean don't get me wrong I love you all so so much and cant wait to see you... but.. I just never want to leave. This is too perfect. Its crazy... like its so hard... but... I just cant even describe it with words. I don't think you can know what a mission is like until you've been on one yourself. I hope you all can serve one one day... as a couple... or as a young full time missionary. please think about it. Its the best decision you could EVER make. Im just so happy.
This week we had the wonderful opportunity as leaders to make the road trip up to Albuquerque for MLC (missionary leadership council). Basically its a 7 and a half hour meeting where we all discuss how to be leaders, see more success in the mission, etc. We all sit around this big board room meeting table with numbers, graphs, and everything haha. I feel like a business woman. Its crazy because we are all just kids but we all eagerly pay attention and participate the entire time. What made it even better was I got to drive up there with Hna Mitchell, Pipkin, and Gubeli :) :) It was a BLAST. We were laughing so so hard the entire time. Pretty sure I have a six pack by now. That's another thing about the mission... you develop deeper friendships here than anywhere else. Being at the mission home felt like home.... we got to have family prayer with president and sister miller and everything (because we come from down south we leave wed. and stay overnight.. its so fun). The meeting was incredible... sister Mitchell and I had to give a training on temples which was super scary but it turned out so good!!! We also had to give a training at zone training on what we learned... which was also scary... but awesome. Im finally getting used to public speaking. Can you believe it??
Went on a couple exchanges with the sisters.. they are wonderful! This email is really long so ill stop... but we just have seen so many miracles. Found a wonderful family named La familia Nassi last night. Its a father and 3 kids. They are incredible. Hopefully we can set a date with them soon. Pretty much just love the mission more than anything. aside from you :) I love teaching the gospel, testifying of my savior, and being an instrument in the hands of god. I am more in tune with the spirit now than ever before in my life. Thank you so much for letting me do this. I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH. and don't forget to have some fun for me!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Maxwell

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