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So. this is going to blow y'alls mind.
Alrighty. well. Transfer news. Turns out im leaving!!! and... I have been called to serve as a Sister Training Leader. Thats kind of like a zone leader for the elders. Its the highest sister leadership position. Pretty much myself along with my companion are going to be over all the sisters in our zone.. we do trainings and exchanges every week. Needless to say Im feeling very nervous.. but excited at the same time! Actually all of my companions aside from hermana Standiford are stl's right now! Its fun because once a month we all go to albuquerque and get a leadership training from President Miller so I'll be able to see them all there!! I know Heavenly father will qualify me for this.. It definitely hasnt hit me yet.
I think leaving this area might actually be harder than my first area... Because the branch is so tiny I literally know every person personally. Sunday was really sad. Every single member came up to me afterwards, most of them crying. Of course on my last sunday no one was there to teach relief society (thats a common occurrence.. sometimes I feel like missionaries run the branch) they asked me to teach. I taught the whole lesson on the fly in spanish! Never thought I would be able to do that. I was already pretty emotional so the lesson was very spiritual and everyone in the room was crying afterwards including myself. I love this branch SO much. Presidente Jimenez came up to me and thanked me for everything and said I was one of the "great" missionaries that leaves the area better than I found it rather than just a normal missionary. Sister Gale was just bawling and told me I was her favorite missionary... she is going to write you a letter soon. I just.. man. Cant even express my feelings. Although I havent had any baptisms here, Im leaving the area with so much potential. 4 of our investigators should be baptized in July. Cant wait to hear from them. The call was very unexpected.. I thought I would be staying for another transfer but nope!
We had another huge miracle last night with our investigator Gloria. I never did tell you the miracle that happened with her but something crazy happened and basically she is dying to get in the baptismal font. Its really dear and special to me because I know I came to this area to meet this woman and to have what happened happen. If i wouldnt have been here she wouldnt be getting baptized. So anyways she has a crazy work schedule and her boss is very strict. She works every sunday. We have been praying and fasting to get her schedule to change. So we went over last night to say goodbye and she told us that yesterday her manager (without her even saying anything) asked her if she wants to switch to Mon-Fri. She is now going to start coming to church with her sons and will be baptized very soon :') What a blessing. Especially right before I leave. It makes me so unbelieveably happy. 
The zoo was a blast! There are just too many pictures to send.. but when I get them Ill send a couple. We got to see polar bears swimming underwater and everything. As you can imagine I was flipping out. Today we are pretty much just saying goodbyes. Hermana Standiford is really nervous to take over the area but I have every confidence in her. Im going to miss her and the people here so much. I feel like you guys have a connection with them now too. Its just beautiful.
This church is so true. I know it. More than ever before. There is nothing I want more than for the girls to serve one.. its beyond words. Im excited to be STL and to serve even more. Hopefully I can live up to be the missionary/leader Heavenly Father wants me to be. Because of the leadership calling there is only two places I can go.. Either to El Paso with Hna Mitchell again (which would be AWESOME) or Rio Rancho with Hna de la malena. "A donde me mandes ire!" (ill go where you want me to go). Love you all tons. 
Hermana Maxwell 
overview of the miracle real quick.
So this woman is named Gloria Andrade. Hna mitchell and I tried to go by her house once but I had never actually met her before hna standiford got here. I just felt like we needed to go by. We tried and tried but she doesnt get home from work till really late. One day while on exchanges hna standiford and hna rosa were able to talk to her. Turns out her sister had just passed away. She didnt have time for a lesson but they set an appointment. Hna standiford and I go and decided to teach her the plan of salvation instead of the restoration. The lesson was very spiritual and normal. Then afterwards she asked "what does your church believe about dreams?" She then proceeded to tell us about how for the past few months she has been having dreams about the devil. Like horrible dreams mom. She told us in detail and it was just this terrible spirit. She started crying and told us how much she wants peace and to be able to sleep. All of a sudden I got this prompting to 1. promise her the dreams would completely stop 2. she would have peace 3. that she would know that all that we are teaching her is true. I was so scared.. I have never promised someone something so specific. But as soon as I opened up my mouth the spirit entered the room with such a force ill never forget it. It felt almost like we surrounded by angels. Gloria started just crying uncontrollably. I felt like I was abinadi or something.. just filled with light. A week went by and we were just praying and praying that the promise would be fulfilled. We finally got over to her and she excitedly let us in. She told us that ever since the promise she has not had one single dream. She has peace. and that she knows the church is true and wants to be baptized. I was blooown away. We did a church tour with her and she started crying and said she knows she is meant to be here. It was beautiful... I cant even describe it. She also wants her kids to be baptized. They are all in their 20s but they live there too. Hopefully they will all be baptized in July. I know I was here to meet her. I dont think any missionary would have gone by again. Her name wasnt in the area book or anything. 

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