Tuesday, July 1, 2014





so. You will nneeevver guess where I am. I FLIPPED when they read off the changes. In fact the whole room of missionaries were shocked since I know everyone now. I am back in El Paso with none other than HNA MITCHELL!! Crazy. Its so fun since we don't have to do the whole first couple days of awkwardness. We just hit the ground running! Im back in the same zone I started my mission in :) Serving in the Montana vista Del Norte area... so  not in Ysleta but pretty darn close! As STLs we do quite a few visits with the sisters so we got to go back to the old apartment and see Hna Sarganaga (the fam we lived with) and everything. It was so much fun. I absolutely LOVE being a leader. It is definitely stressful... but I love being able to serve others and make a difference. Never knew just how many problems missionaries have though.. its crazy. Got to see Hna Pipkin and Gubeli at transfers and get to spend a whole day with them on Thursday! Once a month all the leaders of the mission go and spend a day-long training (called MLC) up in Albuqerque with President Miller and then we have to come back and give the same training to the missionaries in our zone on Friday. So I get the 4hr long drive with all of my former companions aside from Hna Standiford :) I cant even wait. I am pretty nervous though because Hna Mitchell and I have to give a training on temples and family history in front of every leader in the mission. Scary!
El Paso is HOT. its been 106 degrees lately. every day. Somehow we survive haha. My body is definitely still getting accustomed to it. Its so fun being with hna Mitchell again though. We are constantly laughing and working hard. This is her last transfer too... so ill get a new comp for sure next transfer. I always wanted two with her so im pretty darn happy :) As soon as I got here we pretty much dropped all the investigators because they weren't progressing.. so we are starting from the bottom up. Its a little hard... but we can do it! We have set some really high goals. As soon as you do that Satan tries extra hard to bring you down.. but he is never going to win. Hopefully we will see at least one baptism this transfer.
Little miracles have been happening all week long. Its beautiful to see the hand of the Lord in his work. Our transfer focus for the sisters this transfer is to "be the first to love." We are focusing all of it on charity and how to develop it for our investigators, companions, other missionaries, members, etc. Its all based of D&C 12:8 which says that no one can assist in the work except he be full of love. I think that applies not only to missionary work but to life in general. We can't do anything successfully without love. Im so grateful for the love that you have shown me throughout my whole life. Thank you for being such examples to me. Couldn't be here if it wasn't for you!
LOVE YOU SO MUCH. the church is true!! I love being a missionary!!!!  

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