Monday, June 2, 2014



Graduation Party for Bernis

Monica and her girls


Woooow. I miss you guys. ALOT!!!! This week especially! Not sure why :) Probably because I love you so dang much. Sounds like everything is a blast at home!! Summer is really coming up on us! I cant believe how big Brynna looks... when I left she was just a kid!!

Yes Lucy knows she can drink herbal tea... She is really addicted to the Lipton. Its frustrating.. but we are trying to be patient with her. Things are especially tough for her right now because the anniversary of her son's death is on the 1st of June. We felt prompted to stop by her home the other day and when we walked in she was just sobbing on the couch. We gave her a hug and told her we loved her and are here for her. Hermana Standiford asked if she wanted a blessing and she said YES! The elders came over and Elder Hidalgo gave her the most BEAUTIFUL blessing. It was definitely a spiritual highlight for me. As soon as the elders laid their hands on her head the spirit just floooded the room. It made us all cry. It was so amazing to see how the elders honor their priesthood. Its cool to see how god trusts his power, the same power that Christ had, to 18 year old boys. They are usually really immature and frustrating but when they walked into her home something changed in them. Even Elder Hidalgo cried as he gave the blessing. It was incredible. Her husband ripped us a new one about us pressuring her into baptism so we are going to back off on that for a little while. I hope I can see her baptized... :( but even if I dont I know that I have had a huge influence on her life.

Monica and the girls are going crazy with summer vacations so its been really hard to meet with them. I took pictures with them before Lesly left to Mexico just in case I leave next transfer. Ill be sure to attach one. They are so amazing. Yurit is hard to meet with as well... this week has been a little tough but we are pushing right along and being positive! Hermana Standiford still cant walk around much so we cant tract... so that’s been pretty hard as far as conserving miles. Hopefully next week she will be 100%
We have been doing quite a bit of less-active work this week which has been awesome as well. We had dinner with a family last night. They were so happy we came over. Its so cool to be able to help out with that part of the work as well. I never realized that we would be doing so much of that! They did make us try some of their "chicharrones" which is deep fried pig skin. Nasty!  I've had them before but hna Standiford hadn't. It was pretty funny. It almost feels like you are eating those "pig ears" we used to give to Cheyenne.
I just looove this work so much. I cant even tell you. Its so fun to be able to impact peoples lives like this even if you dont baptize them. I wouldnt trade it for anything. I cant wait to be a member missionary when I get home. Its also just a blast meeting so many new people and new friends. Turns out Hermana Pipkin and Hermana Gubeli are companions now! Too funny. New mexico is just... bizarre. The people here are so weird haha. Mainly the white people. Example: across from me is this crazy old woman who sits across from me every Tuesday who screams at her computer and a man just walked in complete with a skirt, purse, makeup, high heels, annd a suuuper deep voice. Sometimes I wonder why the heck I got called to New Mexico haha. Am i that weird??? Its like the inside joke among all the missionaries.. we love exchanging weird people stories. I cant wait to bring you all here  one day. That was random :) haha sorry. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Maxwell

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