Sunday, June 15, 2014


HOLA!! COMO ESTAN?? sounds like everyone is fantastic as usual. 
Well looks like this weeks email is going to pretty short. Its been an interesting week with lots of ups and downs. Unfortunately I was sick for two days of it this time. Really high fever, sore throat, nauseated. Not too fun. We are just getting hit with all kinds of things this transfer. But I am so GRATEFUL for it! I really have learned more this transfer about how much my Heavenly Father loves me than at any point in my mission. We also got the bad news that Lucy cant be baptized for a year.... long story short she is on probation :( the church takes that very seriously. So that was a little disappointing :( But its OK!!!!!!!!!
Anyways focusing on the POSITIVE! So im emailing so late this week because president toootally gave us a "one time hall pass" to go to a baseball game!!!! thats right!!! A BASEBALL GAME!! and guess who the isotopes were playing?? the salt lake bees!!!! It was so fun to be able to do something different. I got to sit right next to hermana adams. It was interesting though.. as much as I love that kind of thing and was so excited for it.. it didnt entertain me nearly as much as i thought it would. There really is a special missionary mantel that keeps us from worldy things, not that baseball is super wordly, but I think you know what I mean. We pretty much just talked about our missions the whole time instead of watching the game. It sure was a blast though.
It is getting HOT here!! Its always at least in the 90s if not 100s. It makes missionary work a bit harder thats for sure. Trying to drink lots and lots of water. We are really working hard! Cant believe its already week 4 of the transfer. Not sure whats going to happen this time! I love you all so much!! Keep being amazing!

Hermana Maxwell 

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