Sunday, June 15, 2014

100 DEGREES!! EMAIL 6/10/2014


Hope everything is going swell at home! I dont have much time today so bear with me. The Diazs and Garcias told me they ate with you at 6?? How did it go??? 
This week has been a whirlwind!! Lots of miracles and new investigators! We found seven this week!!! YAY!! It was our branch conference on sunday and EVERYTHING had to be translated... got a huge headache from trying to listen in both english and spanish haha. It was really good though. They talked all about Less active work and how we need to "rescue" our brothers and sisters. That is just as important as teaching investigators. Its amazing how Heavenly Father leads us to those people as well! Just yesterday we found a less active member just knocking doors! She let us right in and we have a return appointment for next week :) 
So I totally had "helote" for the first time last night at the Perez's. Its that corn they smother with mayonnaise, cheese, and chile?? nasty. But I did feel like I was in nacho libre or something. It was exciting. I cant believe its already week 5 of the transfer. Holy cow. Im super on the fence.. dont know if im leaving or staying but ill go where God wants me to go!!
I love you all so much!!!! Keep being the best family and friends EVER. Time is flying. Its really hot here... and... thats all haha. LOVE YOU!!
Hermana Maxwell 

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