Sunday, May 18, 2014


Sorry you probably all forgot that its transfer week and pday is on monday!! No worries though. It was so wonderful to talk to everyone! I sure do miss you!
This weeks email is going to be super short because Im trying to type on this teeny little mini computer in a members home so Im already getting carpal tunnel haha. As you are all aware Hermana Standiford has been really under the weather and is on bedrest till the 19th. Its been a bit of a challenge. I have to take care of her, fix every meal, clean up, make sure she takes her medicine, plan splits so we can take care of investigators which involves finding a companion for myself, someone she can stay with, as well as plan investigator appointments. As you can imagine its pretty crazy. But I AM learning a ton. Especially how to rely on my Heavenly Father and on the Atonement. Things will get better.. just gotta keep my chin up!
We HAVE seen tons of miracles on the days we have been able to work. I think i mentioned this when we skyped but I was super scared about the tithing lesson with Lucy. We were talking about faith, and hadnt brought up tithing at all yet when she said "you know.. its kind of like giving your money to the Lord. Ive always had a testimony of that. Ive looked for the donations box in your church but havent been able to find it!" Our jaws just completely dropped. She wants to pay her tithing even BEFORE she is baptized! Crazy awesome.
Still just loving being a missionary! It really is the best. Keep hermana Standiford your prayers! We need them a lot right now!! Love you all soooooo much!
Hermana Maxwell

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