Saturday, May 24, 2014



So I'm not going to lie.. this past week has been a liiiitle tough. BUT i have learned more in this week then most weeks of my mission. Its incredible how much heavenly father loves us. I realized more than ever how i simply CANT do this without his help. There were many moments where I felt like I was literally forced to my knees. It grew my testimony a lot of how heavenly father really is our FATHER. out of all the titles to address him... he asks us to address him as father. There is so much meaning behind that I think a lot of us take it for granted. He is the creator of the universe, he knows everything, but we can talk to him as our father. Anyways.. its just beautiful. Things have finally smoothed out a little bit. All week I had a different companion. I think i went through about 10 between members, future missionaries, etc. Hermana standiford still isnt 100% but she has been able to work today and yesterday. Didnt realize how much of a blessing it is to simply work normally!

So quick thought that President sent us today that I thought was interesting. He mentioned how with the brother of Jared Christ touched each stone INDIVIDUALLY. He could have lit them all up at once, but he touched them one by one. Just like he let all the Nephites come and feel the prints one by one and how he blessed the children one by one. I feel that there is so much significance to that. It reminded me of our conversions. Whenever we come close to Christ it is done PERSONALLY. Just like how with my investigators i cant give them my testimony, they have to develop it on their own. Gods plan is for everyone, but he also knows us personally and individually. Amazing. Just thought I'd share that real quick.
Although this week has been crazy it has also been filled with countless miracles. Yurit, who, if i had to pick a favorite investigator, it would be her told us that it is her goal to be baptized in our church :) she is sooo catholic. In fact side note: last night we had dinner with her and i'm pretty sure I have turned Mexican. watch out family! haha I ate dinner with only a tortilla by choice and drank tampico out of a virgin de guadalupe cup. It was awesome. But bottom line...she is really catholic. However as we have taught her I can totally see her changing. She came to church on Sunday and although she got a little bored she loved it! We are helping her give up smoking and she wants us to come over every single day. She has had an incredibly hard life. I just love her sooo much I cant even tell you.
Lucy is still struggling giving up tea but we are working with her. Slowly but surely! Monica has a really busy schedule at the moment and because she is pregnant she is having lots of morning sickness so it is hard to meet with her. Everyone is doing great though and hopefully we will have at least one baptism this transfer. I love being a missionary. I just cant even describe it. There aren’t words to describe missionary work. Best decision of my life.
Love you all more than words can say! Everyone looks so big! Totally freaks me out. Keep being awesome and dont work too hard! Especially mom and dad!  Thanks for being the best family ever. I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!

Hermana Maxwell

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Sorry you probably all forgot that its transfer week and pday is on monday!! No worries though. It was so wonderful to talk to everyone! I sure do miss you!
This weeks email is going to be super short because Im trying to type on this teeny little mini computer in a members home so Im already getting carpal tunnel haha. As you are all aware Hermana Standiford has been really under the weather and is on bedrest till the 19th. Its been a bit of a challenge. I have to take care of her, fix every meal, clean up, make sure she takes her medicine, plan splits so we can take care of investigators which involves finding a companion for myself, someone she can stay with, as well as plan investigator appointments. As you can imagine its pretty crazy. But I AM learning a ton. Especially how to rely on my Heavenly Father and on the Atonement. Things will get better.. just gotta keep my chin up!
We HAVE seen tons of miracles on the days we have been able to work. I think i mentioned this when we skyped but I was super scared about the tithing lesson with Lucy. We were talking about faith, and hadnt brought up tithing at all yet when she said "you know.. its kind of like giving your money to the Lord. Ive always had a testimony of that. Ive looked for the donations box in your church but havent been able to find it!" Our jaws just completely dropped. She wants to pay her tithing even BEFORE she is baptized! Crazy awesome.
Still just loving being a missionary! It really is the best. Keep hermana Standiford your prayers! We need them a lot right now!! Love you all soooooo much!
Hermana Maxwell

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This week has been soooo incredible. We found 11 NEW INVESTIGATORS. Pretty sure that is a record for my entire mission. We are working suuuper hard and finally starting to see the fruits of our labors! We moved Lucy's bap date till June because she is having a hard time giving up tea but she is reeeallly progressing now. She told me she wants to be baptized before I leave! They came to church on Sunday!
Also we have started teaching a woman named Rosa who the missionaries used to teach for a long time. They could never ever get her to come to church but guess what..... SHE CAME ON SUNDAY!!! We were so excited. I really think she liked it. Monica and her family didnt come because they had a family reunion kind of thing going on but they are still doing wonderful too.
NOW FOR THE AWESOME NEWS!!! guess what???!! Last night I got a txt from mission trails saying that they are teaching Diana and the family again!!! (the ones that couldnt get baptized because of the dad). They said he told them he wants them to learn more before they get baptized. I still write them all the time. When I got the txt I just sat there and cried. Oh my goodness these feelings are just impossible to describe!!! Please keep them in your prayers. I have never been so happy to get a txt message in my entire life.
It was also temple day yesterday!! BEAUTIFUL. I got to sit next to Hermana Adams during the session which was awesome. Who would have ever thought I would be sitting next to one of my best friends, on my mission, in the temple?? It was so amazing. I miss the temple soooo much. As soon as we drove through the gates the spirit hit me like a brick wall!! We got to have President and Sister Miller and the Temple President speak to us in a sealing room afterwards. I just cant even describe it to you. As I sat in the celestial room watching all these missionaries walk in and hug each other and smile I realized this really must be what heaven will be like. I felt like we were all angels a part of God's army. It was just incredible. I would challenge you to make it a goal to attend the temple weekly rather than monthly. I know life is busy... but President promised us so many blessings associated with WEEKLY temple attendance. We are so spoiled to have so many temples so close! The newest video was AWESOME as well. Oh my heck I just LOVE THE TEMPLE!! 
Well I miss you guys and love you more than anything. I cant wait to talk to you on sunday!! Keep being awesome!!! MISSIONS ARE THE BEST!!!
Hermana Maxwell