Thursday, April 24, 2014

QUE TAL??? EMAIL 4/22/2014



My easter was fabulous!! There really isn't anything like being able to testify of the resurrection of the Savior, while being a representative of Him. It was a pretty normal day, nothing too special. BUT! Monica and her family (Her husband felipe, and her two girls Leslie and Eiret) came to church!!! I was so happy. They stayed for all 3 hours and we set a baptismal date with them yesterday for May. So that made my entire Easter for sure. Had dinner with La familia Garcia out in the boonies. She made us these amazzzing chicken enchiladas. Hna Standiford sang "yo se que vive mi senor" in sacrament meeting and is just plain amazing. did I tell you she was on broadway?? Yeah. she is legit. We went to the park where everyone was having their easter picnics and talked to a billion people. It was a good day.
So little sadder news, Gilberto isnt getting baptized.. He is still drinking. but thats ok! still love him and will continue to work with him. We have a looot of potential baptisms for next transfer though. can hardly wait! Temple day is coming up on may 5th. I dont think i've ever been so excited to go to the temple in my life. It's been wwaaayyy too long. Then that same week is MOTHERS DAY! cant wait to talk to 'yall :)
Pretty much I just love you. Working super hard out here! Hermano Diaz (our ward mission leader) says he hasnt seen this much growth in the area out of all the sister missionaries that have been here. Makes me feel good! Really trying my best to be a good missionary, trainer, and person in general. The Savior didnt just suffer, and die, HE LIVES!! I love him so much. The church is true. Keep praying for those missionary opportunities!!


Hermana Maxwell

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