Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Well what can I say... we live in the wiiiiiindiest state in the whole western united states I swear. This whole week I feel like Heavenly father is trying to blow us right off the planet. I come home every night covered in dust in my clothes.. in my hair... teeth... places I didn't even know I had.... It reminds me of Grandmas sand dune shirt haha. Tumble weeds can be dangerous... especially when they hit you and scrape up your legs haha. Love my area. I wonder what people think when we knock on their door. Hair looking like cavewomen, covered in dirt, skirts blowing awkwardly... coughing up sand... and trying to tell them we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we want to share a message. No wonder we get doors slammed in our faces HaHa... jk. 
This week has been interesting. Lots of investigators dropping off the planet... but... love them and will miss them. Its hard dealing with peoples agency all the time. Satan's plan has never been so tempting haha. I just want to FORCE people to accept this sometimes! Its hard when you love someone so much and you know how much this will bless their life and then see them reject it. But its ok we are finding tons still and our wonderful little family is moving right along towards baptism at the end of may :) Oh my goodness they make me so so happy. Leslie and Eiret fight over who gets to say the prayer now and they BEG their parents to go to church. Monica is all smiles and they read EVERYTHING we tell them too which is super rare. The only issue is the dad... Felipe. He is always working and/or roping (cool right?) and we never get the chance to teach him. But hopefully this coming week we will be able to. I just want to see them baptized so bad. Eiret is 7 so hopefully Felipe can baptize her in june when he gets the priesthood. sooooooo beautiful.
Lucy is also doing really well! She has a hard life but she is the sweetest woman ever. We always leave her house with armfulls of food and "scooby snacks." Its hard with lessons because she has the most distracting little girls in the world but its always an interesting experience hah. We finally taught her the word of wisdom... i was so scared for that lesson. But she took it really well and is currently trying to switch out her tea for "tampico" haha. 
Pretty much just love this work so much. I'm going to struggle when its over... I just love being a missionary. Trying to enjoy every moment. Hermana Pipkin hits a year this week... and then two transfers later and thats me. I cant believe time has gone this fast!! Its just insane. Lyssa goes home in a few weeks! WOW! I'm glad to hear everything is going great at home but honestly I'd rather be here in the windy, dusty, middle of nowhere working among the beautiful mexican people than anywhere else. Hermana Standiford is doing well. I mean she struggles... as do all new missionaries but she is amazing. Ive been so blessed with her. I miss you all and keep being soooo wonderful!!!
Hermana Maxwell 

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