Thursday, April 24, 2014

ACT FIRST!! EMAIL 4/15/2014

Mis personas favoritas,
HOLA HOLA! Boy I miss you guys!! 
This past week has had a bunch of ups and downs (such is the life of a missionary) but overall it has been fantastic. I love training!! Its hard but really rewarding. I think overall its just because I love helping people and helping them to see their potential so its really fun helping to mold Hna Standiford into the missionary she can be. She is struggling quite a bit with the language but I've been helping her the best I can. Last week she asked for a cerveza (beer) instead of a cervieta (napkin). It was pretty funny... luckily she knows how to laugh at herself haha. We all make mistakes like that out here. 
So many miracles have happened I dont even know where to start! We have seriously been working harder than ever. Lucy (the one that is caught between 3 churches) has been coming to church activities. We had an awesome lesson about baptism with her and she started crying. she said she is going to pray about baptism in our church!
One of the days we were struggling super bad and couldnt find anyone to teach. It was around 8:00 at night so its not very safe to knock doors. I said a prayer in my heart that we would be directed where to go and STARTED DRIVING (key point) We headed towards Gilberto's trailer and as we passed a street I just had the thought "hmm maybe we should turn down there." I turned and we passed a woman outside watering her lawn. We parked and got out and talked to her. Her name is Adele and she used to meet with the missionaries and had lost her book of mormon! She wants another one :) We talked to her and set up an appointment. It was amazing to see how god leads us to those that are prepared to hear the gospel. I think this story is a good lesson/analogy because #1 the impression wasn't angels, or a dream, or even a voice, not anything big. But it was just a simple thought that could have come from my own mind. But because I was in tune with the spirit and it wasn't a bad thought, i followed it and God led me to where I needed to be. #2 I had to start driving before I received the impression. Sometimes we have to ACT FIRST. anyways it was really cool.
ALSO we have been teaching this woman named Monica. She is super awesome and has two little girls. We went for our second appointment with her yesterday only to find her trailer filled with people! I was shocked! Turns out she had ALREADY invited her friend and her family who are looking for a religion to come hear the lesson!! We taught them all the first lesson. They even had made us lunch (and gave us tea... awkward. Luckily i could tell what it was) and we talked a lot. They really really like us and are ALL planning on coming to church this week :) Amazing. Missionary work is just the best. Monica's little daughter Leslie (9) had been practicing praying so she could say one when we came over. 
The church is just so true. I love doing this. Its incredible!! Thank you for all of your wonderful examples. I love you all so so so SO much. Keep praying for missionary opportunities. THEY ARE OUT THERE!!! I love you!!!!
Hermana Maxwell 

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