Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Well what can I say... we live in the wiiiiiindiest state in the whole western united states I swear. This whole week I feel like Heavenly father is trying to blow us right off the planet. I come home every night covered in dust in my clothes.. in my hair... teeth... places I didn't even know I had.... It reminds me of Grandmas sand dune shirt haha. Tumble weeds can be dangerous... especially when they hit you and scrape up your legs haha. Love my area. I wonder what people think when we knock on their door. Hair looking like cavewomen, covered in dirt, skirts blowing awkwardly... coughing up sand... and trying to tell them we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we want to share a message. No wonder we get doors slammed in our faces HaHa... jk. 
This week has been interesting. Lots of investigators dropping off the planet... but... love them and will miss them. Its hard dealing with peoples agency all the time. Satan's plan has never been so tempting haha. I just want to FORCE people to accept this sometimes! Its hard when you love someone so much and you know how much this will bless their life and then see them reject it. But its ok we are finding tons still and our wonderful little family is moving right along towards baptism at the end of may :) Oh my goodness they make me so so happy. Leslie and Eiret fight over who gets to say the prayer now and they BEG their parents to go to church. Monica is all smiles and they read EVERYTHING we tell them too which is super rare. The only issue is the dad... Felipe. He is always working and/or roping (cool right?) and we never get the chance to teach him. But hopefully this coming week we will be able to. I just want to see them baptized so bad. Eiret is 7 so hopefully Felipe can baptize her in june when he gets the priesthood. sooooooo beautiful.
Lucy is also doing really well! She has a hard life but she is the sweetest woman ever. We always leave her house with armfulls of food and "scooby snacks." Its hard with lessons because she has the most distracting little girls in the world but its always an interesting experience hah. We finally taught her the word of wisdom... i was so scared for that lesson. But she took it really well and is currently trying to switch out her tea for "tampico" haha. 
Pretty much just love this work so much. I'm going to struggle when its over... I just love being a missionary. Trying to enjoy every moment. Hermana Pipkin hits a year this week... and then two transfers later and thats me. I cant believe time has gone this fast!! Its just insane. Lyssa goes home in a few weeks! WOW! I'm glad to hear everything is going great at home but honestly I'd rather be here in the windy, dusty, middle of nowhere working among the beautiful mexican people than anywhere else. Hermana Standiford is doing well. I mean she struggles... as do all new missionaries but she is amazing. Ive been so blessed with her. I miss you all and keep being soooo wonderful!!!
Hermana Maxwell 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

QUE TAL??? EMAIL 4/22/2014



My easter was fabulous!! There really isn't anything like being able to testify of the resurrection of the Savior, while being a representative of Him. It was a pretty normal day, nothing too special. BUT! Monica and her family (Her husband felipe, and her two girls Leslie and Eiret) came to church!!! I was so happy. They stayed for all 3 hours and we set a baptismal date with them yesterday for May. So that made my entire Easter for sure. Had dinner with La familia Garcia out in the boonies. She made us these amazzzing chicken enchiladas. Hna Standiford sang "yo se que vive mi senor" in sacrament meeting and is just plain amazing. did I tell you she was on broadway?? Yeah. she is legit. We went to the park where everyone was having their easter picnics and talked to a billion people. It was a good day.
So little sadder news, Gilberto isnt getting baptized.. He is still drinking. but thats ok! still love him and will continue to work with him. We have a looot of potential baptisms for next transfer though. can hardly wait! Temple day is coming up on may 5th. I dont think i've ever been so excited to go to the temple in my life. It's been wwaaayyy too long. Then that same week is MOTHERS DAY! cant wait to talk to 'yall :)
Pretty much I just love you. Working super hard out here! Hermano Diaz (our ward mission leader) says he hasnt seen this much growth in the area out of all the sister missionaries that have been here. Makes me feel good! Really trying my best to be a good missionary, trainer, and person in general. The Savior didnt just suffer, and die, HE LIVES!! I love him so much. The church is true. Keep praying for those missionary opportunities!!


Hermana Maxwell

ACT FIRST!! EMAIL 4/15/2014

Mis personas favoritas,
HOLA HOLA! Boy I miss you guys!! 
This past week has had a bunch of ups and downs (such is the life of a missionary) but overall it has been fantastic. I love training!! Its hard but really rewarding. I think overall its just because I love helping people and helping them to see their potential so its really fun helping to mold Hna Standiford into the missionary she can be. She is struggling quite a bit with the language but I've been helping her the best I can. Last week she asked for a cerveza (beer) instead of a cervieta (napkin). It was pretty funny... luckily she knows how to laugh at herself haha. We all make mistakes like that out here. 
So many miracles have happened I dont even know where to start! We have seriously been working harder than ever. Lucy (the one that is caught between 3 churches) has been coming to church activities. We had an awesome lesson about baptism with her and she started crying. she said she is going to pray about baptism in our church!
One of the days we were struggling super bad and couldnt find anyone to teach. It was around 8:00 at night so its not very safe to knock doors. I said a prayer in my heart that we would be directed where to go and STARTED DRIVING (key point) We headed towards Gilberto's trailer and as we passed a street I just had the thought "hmm maybe we should turn down there." I turned and we passed a woman outside watering her lawn. We parked and got out and talked to her. Her name is Adele and she used to meet with the missionaries and had lost her book of mormon! She wants another one :) We talked to her and set up an appointment. It was amazing to see how god leads us to those that are prepared to hear the gospel. I think this story is a good lesson/analogy because #1 the impression wasn't angels, or a dream, or even a voice, not anything big. But it was just a simple thought that could have come from my own mind. But because I was in tune with the spirit and it wasn't a bad thought, i followed it and God led me to where I needed to be. #2 I had to start driving before I received the impression. Sometimes we have to ACT FIRST. anyways it was really cool.
ALSO we have been teaching this woman named Monica. She is super awesome and has two little girls. We went for our second appointment with her yesterday only to find her trailer filled with people! I was shocked! Turns out she had ALREADY invited her friend and her family who are looking for a religion to come hear the lesson!! We taught them all the first lesson. They even had made us lunch (and gave us tea... awkward. Luckily i could tell what it was) and we talked a lot. They really really like us and are ALL planning on coming to church this week :) Amazing. Missionary work is just the best. Monica's little daughter Leslie (9) had been practicing praying so she could say one when we came over. 
The church is just so true. I love doing this. Its incredible!! Thank you for all of your wonderful examples. I love you all so so so SO much. Keep praying for missionary opportunities. THEY ARE OUT THERE!!! I love you!!!!
Hermana Maxwell 

Saturday, April 12, 2014




HELLO to my favorite people on the planet!,
So Im sure you are all dying to hear how training is going :) Its great!!! Realllly hard. BUT AMAZING. I'm learning a ton about myself, and about how much Heavenly Father loves me. Its a lot of pressure, doing literally 99% of everything plus having to teach constantly how to be a missionary but its incredible and I love my trainee to death. Her name is Hna Standiford and she is from Bakersfield California. She is 19 and was going to school in Virginia before her mission. She is SUPER positive and willing to work. Has A LOT of greenie fire which is amazing. She is a really good singer and actress and actually performed on Broadway once (crazy right?) Her voice coach was also the same guy that coaches David Archuletta. She is really sweet and works hard. Struggles with the language, but we all do. Im just trying my best to be a Christ-like trainer. Im super grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow. She did go to the Mexico MTC (which is soooo different now).
This week has been full of FINDING. We have knocked a bunch of doors trying to find new investigators. Gotten a bunch slammed in our face but its all worth it. It makes me think a lot of the talk Holland gave about defending your faith and being a true disciple of Christ. We have been seeing miracles though as we have worked through it. We recently found a family named Omar and Rosa that have been taught by the missionaries before. Hna Mitchell and I could never catch them at home. They are really nice and are going to let us come teach them. Hopefully everything goes well! Lady is still doing great and should be baptized this month as well as Gilberto. I love the people here.. they are amazing.
It actually rained a couple days this week which was suuuper nice. I miss the rain so so much! OH ANDDDD guess what. TOTALLY got to see hna Pipkin and hna Adams at transfers which was amazing. Hna Adams is now in my zone!!! yay!!! hna Pipkin tried to sneak up on me because I didnt know she was going to be there, she just ended up tackling me into the wall haha. President pulled an April fools prank on us during transfers as well. He told us all the mission was splitting. EVERYONE flipped out. It was hilarious. He cracks me up.
Conference WAS incredible. Oh my heck I loved it so much. I loved Bednar's talk on spiritual traction as well as Ballards on missionary work (of course). I was thinking about you guys the whole time!! I just love and miss you so much. Glad everyone is doing so well. Missionary work is the best. Working hard and tryin to do ya proud!! LOVE YOU!!

Hermana Maxwell