Monday, March 31, 2014

TRAINING!!! EMAIL 3/31/2014

Oh how I miss you all. Sounds like everyone is doing fantastic! 
Pigs, piano recitals, perfect womens conference.. sounds like a busy week! I love the missionary moment you gave.. that was so sweet. And I completely agree. God is totally sculpting me. Not necessarily changing who I am but refining the features of my personality and priorities.  Tell Brynna good job on the piano recital, Kayla congrats on the new member of the family ;) and Kiera good luck for her dance competition. Im glad you liked the pictures and videos too! 
BIG NEWS THIS WEEK. ready? I dont think your ready for this........................ IM TRAINING!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! completely freaking out. Im staying in Tome training a brand new sister and hermana mitchell also got a leadership call as a sister training leader (kind of like zone leader for sisters) and she is out of here! Im suuuper nervous but really excited. It was actually kind of a miracle with getting the call. We had just got done with exchanges and hermana mitchell and I stopped by Olgas before we went home. We accidently left the phone there (i totally thought training calls were over). We debated about getting it in the morning but decided to go back. As soon as the phone was in my hand it rang. Looked down.. sure enough it was President Miller! quickly started hyperventilating :) He said "is this sister maxwell" I stammered yyesss.... and he said "we would like to extend a calling to be a trainer, can you do that for us?" I said yes, hung up, and we both FLIPPED out haha.  Finally gonna get an "hija" :) Its a lot of pressure taking over the area after only being here a transfer AND training a new missionary but Its awesome at the same time. Got to go to Albuqerque and have a trainers meeting with President and sister miller which was wonderful. He told us that trainers are the most important calling in the mission and that we have the biggest impact on what kind of missionary AND person they will become in their lives. He promised us that we would "feel heavenly father's qualifying arm around us" which was a big comfort to me. Im the only missionary training in our zone. I get her tomorrow morning at transfer meeting! This whole week ive been trying to study how to become the best trainer I can be and I already have her 1st day all planned out :) Its gonna be a bit rough this first couple weeks because coming into the field is so so hard and plus I have to do literally everything on my own for a little while. Im going to learn so much. so yeah. Its exciting :) Really going to miss hermana mitchell though. Im sick of bulleting companions!
I DID watch the women's conference and I thought the EXACT same thing :) I was hoping you were all watching it. The cute temple/family they showed made all of us missionaries just bawl. I have become such a softie on my mission. I think its just because we are so in tune with the spirit all the time. I loved how Eyring said we need to do everything with a smile. So true. It also was all about the "covenant path" which was amazing considering that was the main theme of the last general conference as well. Must be important ;) We had dinner with the belen (english) ward and the theme was "princesses" so we all wore tiaras, painted nails and stuff... yuck. 
This week has been kind of crazy with all of the changes upon us but still working hard! Cant wait to start this next transfer with my greenie :) I love you all and can sure especially use your prayers over this next couple weeks!! Thanks for all of your incredible examples. I love you to the moon and back. GET EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE!! AHHHH!!!

Hermana Maxwell 

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