Sunday, March 2, 2014


Ok so im sure you are dying to here everything :) It has been a craaazy week thats for sure!! I am currently serving in the Tome South area in the Los Lunas Zone. It is about 20 minutes south of Albuquerque. I LOVE IT OUT HERE. NOTHING like i expected at all. We cover a bunch of tiny little towns.. the area is huuuge. Most of the towns are literally in the middle of nowhere just full of dirt roads and really run down trailers. The desert sunsets are GORGEOUS and we actually can see a couple mountains. Its actually a little greener than el paso.. which translates to.. brown with some slightly green sagebrush haha. Seriously though I love it here. I am serving in the Tome branch which is the TINIEST branch I have ever been to. So little. We have gospel principles in one of those little tiny rooms off to the side of the fawyer. The people are so kind and so welcoming. Its so much like a family. We live in a city called Belen which means Bethlehem. Cool right? I really feel connected to this area in a different way.. like im meant to do something here. Not sure what yet.. but Im excited for it.  We dont have many progressing investigators here at the moment and the numbers are a lot.... well... lower than those in el paso. Every area is different but Im excited to get this area running! 
My companion is Hna Mitchell (sorry dont have any pictures yet) She is reealllly awesome and came out with hna adams so she has been out over a year. She is from Loyalton Californina which is this tiiiny town in the mountains. She has been through a lot in her life but is so positive. I have learned a ton from her already. We get along great and are always laughing and joking. I love her already and we are going to work well together. She has been in Tome for five transfers though so Im pretty sure this is going to be another "bullet" companionship. :( 
I also have met one of the coolest families of my mission. They just barely got baptized. The mom is named Olga, and she has a few kids but the ones I know are Justin and Dulce. (10 and 7) Dulce is seriously the CUTEST little girl I have ever met. She has already started calling me "Maxwell" and is always praying for her mom and us. I love her sooo much. They are the ones we have spent the most time with so far. I got a blessing from Presidente Jimenez (branch President) because he always gives one to the new missionaries. He promised me that I would have a great affect on the people here through my quiet obedience and that they will learn to love me quickly. Its really different here. The missionaries are different too.. not as obedient as those in my last area. But everyone is so close-knit. It sounds like the district does a lot together too which i am excited for. Hiking might be in the picture... what??? so stoked.
Im doing great and growing tons! Thank you for your prayers and support.. I love you all so so much!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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