Wednesday, March 5, 2014

HIKING ON PDAY !! :) Email 3/4/2014

Well things are still going dandy! We went hiking this morning as a district to watch the sunrise out on the "mesa."  It was super beautiful and lots of fun. Although definitely EARLY haha. I'm a bit tired so sorry if this email makes no sense! Loving this area and the people here!! This week has gone a lot better than the last one. Finally starting to get into the swing of things a little more.  We have been seeing lots of miracles with one of our investigators named Gilberto.  He has been drinking coffee ever since he was five years old every single day. (that's the case with most Mexicans). He was really struggling giving it up. About a week ago I promised him in the name of Jesus Christ that if he had the sincere desire to quit he would have the energy to work and go throughout his day. He hasn't drank it since :) 
Another miracle... we were driving through "Viguita" this little town in the middle of nowhere when we stopped by a house. Hna Mitchell told me it was a referral from the English sisters but they have a super scary dog so her previous companion didn't dare go back. I was like.. LETS GO! so we walk through the gate and immediately this big Labrador starts growling.. felt prompted to keep moving. The dog got closer and closer and I was about to turn and run when the door opened! Out walks this 18 year old girl named Maria. She stopped the dog and we started talking. Turns out she has a friend who is Mormon and has invited her to go to church before. Her friend is someone that hna mitchell knows super well who goes to the singles ward!! So we were able to have a lesson with her and Yuneli (the friend) yesterday. Maria is super excited to read in the book of Mormon and she will totally be baptized someday :) its just those little miracles that make the mission awesome!!!
Love hna mitchell to death. We work great together and she is a great teacher and amazing at Spanish because her last companion was native. She is pretty old in the mission and only has 3 transfers left after this. Crazy! We have lots of fun and work hard. Love the mission! Keep looking for those little miracles back home. they are all around us! The church is true!!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH

Hermana Maxwell 

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