Sunday, March 16, 2014




This week has been pretty normal. Not too much to report!! Other than missionary work is just AWESOME!!! We hear from our mission president every week in a letter and he always has such great insights. I learn so so much every single day.. its just crazy. 
We had a family come to church this week!! The mom said the experience was "different".... so hopefully that means a good different haha! We are going to talk to her more about it on Saturday. Gilberto is still doing great but we havent been able to meet with him much this past week. We are helping reactivate this less active family named La Familia Sanchez. Its a single mom with two girls (10 and 11) who are the cutest things on the planet. They LOVE the missionaries and run out of their trailer and give us a huge hug whenever we come over. We played chutes and ladders with them the other night after dinner which brought back many memories from my own childhood :) We screamed and laughed and just had a blast. 
I just love this work and am so grateful for all that I am learning. This area is definitely A LOT different than Ysleta. Its harder to find investigators and numbers are a lot lower but I LOVE the people here. They are so so humble. Its an interesting experience to walk into a trailer that is falling apart, sit down on a dusty chair, no floor, no light/heater, heating their trailer using the stove burners, no furniture.. just the basics... and have a beautiful discussion about our savior jesus christ. I just love it. This gospel is really all we need. Its not about the material things. Its going to be weird to come back home and see so many houses haha. All we teach in is trailers in the middle of nowhere. 
This morning in my personal study I was studying about character. Bednar says that character is when you put someone elses needs above yourself even if you yourself are struggling with the exact same trial. Christ was the ultimate example of this. After he fasted 40 days and was tempted by satan in the joseph smith translation of matthew 4:11 it says that "he sent angels unto john who was in prison". Although christ was physically and spiritually exhausted, im sure he could have used angels himself.. he sent them unto john. Ive decided i want to develop christ like character more in my mission in order to be a better representative of him. I love jesus.. he is my savior and everything to me. Thats one of the main reasons im so grateful for my mission because i get to know him better. I love you all... so so so SO Much. And miss you tons. Keep doing missionary work at home. Everyone.. everyone... EVERYONE needs this message! God is hastening his work and YOU are part of it too!! LOVE YOU!!

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