Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Diana and her kids

So this week has been definitely interesting. Im going to get the bad news out of the way first. But disclaimer first: I am sooo happy still despite whatever happens in the mission. There are still hard times but the good ones make up for ALL of it. Ok so... Diana and the kids didn't get baptized :( She was keeping it a surprise for her husband who lives in Juarez. He knew they were going to church and meeting with us but when she told him he FREAKED out. He said he was going to leave her if she ever went to church again or ever saw us again. So heartbreaking. Just the night before Brianna (the 13 year old) was inviting all the youth to the baptism. It was pretty rough.. lots of tears and goodbyes but its all in gods timing. I know for sure they will get baptized someday... even if im not there for it. She wants to be baptized so bad and promised she would keep reading and praying for her husband. So there is that. Really heartbreaking.. definitely the hardest thing that has happened to me on my mission...  I found them, taught them everything, and planned their whole baptism. We have been teaching them for a looong time too. Had to go say goodbye... super sad. (pretty sure this is why I have been sick for a whole week plus a cold sore... luckily feeling pretty good today).
ANYWAYS. on to happier subjects. Like I said im still extremely happy and it was hard for a day but im over it now so noooo worries! being a missionary is the BEST!!!! We are still teaching Alyssa (the 9 year old) and she is as awesome as ever!! Not sure if I have talked about the other 3 kids we are teaching yet... but manuel, marivel, and Daniel are all great too! We had a lesson with them about following the prophet the other night and played a game where we blindfolded one of them and the "prophet" had to lead them through a little homemade obstacle course. So much fun.
Been contacting A LOT lately. Its been really cold out her in el paso too! in the 20's and 30's. I love talking to people in the street though. plus the message warms my heart even if my nose is going to fall off ;) (love the cheese eeking out of that statement). We met a really cool girl named Stephanie who was wearing a super Mario bro's shirt. When I told her about the book of Mormon she said "are you serious??? WHAT?? I cant believe I have never heard of that!! I want to read it!!!" (you never get reactions like that) We have an appointment with her this week. very excited.
Transfer news comes this week! cant believe it!! I feel like im leaving... but we will see what happens. Ill keep ya posted. be careful about sending stuff to the liahona address just in case though. Been taking TONS of pictures with people and having them sign my book. I just love the people here. Its amazing. I didn't think I could ever love this many people this DEEPLY. its amazing how much the heart stretches :)
Another favorite thing about the mission is hearing people pray. Teaching people to pray is like my absolute favorite because they pray so simply and so heartfelt. Its sooo beautiful. I have learned a lot from my investigators about how to pray and my prayers have become A LOT more personal and I have grown such a stronger relationship with my father in heaven. Its amazing.
So yeah the mission is awesome! I love and miss you all to death!! cant believe how time is flying. Before you know it I will be running to hug you all at the airport!! LOVE YOU and have a fantastic week!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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