Friday, February 7, 2014



This week has been INCREDIBLE. Our numbers have finally gone back up to where they used to be and we are leading the district again.. if not the zone. All the credit goes to God though! Seeing lots of success. Jose Luis did get baptized!! It was awesome!! It was my first baptism without my trainer showing me how to do everything haha. It felt so good to see him all in white and so pure.  He told us he felt so happy and clean and thanked us over and over. It was really spiritual. Jesus (our recent convert.. my first baptism) directed the whole meeting as well :) He also gave a talk in church last sunday. SO PROUD! Diana and her kids are getting baptized on Saturday!! cant believe it.. we are actually baptizing weekly!! What a blessing. I don't think ive ever been so excited for a baptism... we just have worked so hard with them.
Alyssa the 9 year old hopefully will still get baptized the 15th but we will see. Her mom is being a tad difficult about coming to church. Also teaching another little family. The mom (Marivel) is a member but her 3 kids Manuel (11) and twins (Daniel and marivel 8) haven't been baptized. They always sit on the edge of their seats to listen to us and LOVE having us over. Its been really fun and have definitely been using a lot more analogies/visual aids to make the lessons fun for them.
Transfers are coming up!! its week 5 so one more week and a half and we find out who stays and who goes! Im pretty sure im leaving.. ive just been here for so long but we will see! My companion is wonderful. I love her! Alice is still recovering.. she fell the other night... and may have to have the surgery again. No fun. Dang wheelchair brakes. But pray for her!! And yes I still spend a lot of time with the Tellez's. Bianca leaves on her mission next month to mexico!!
Favorite thing about the mission.. man that is a tough one. You know honestly... just being able to see change work in people. As they come close to their savior they really do develop this light in them. Its so beautiful. And as I see them change and help them to change, In the process I change myself for the better. Ive realized everything in life is about change... which is why life can be so hard but also so amazing. We should constantly work to change our lives/selves to be more in harmony with God and help others to do so as well. But yeah I just love this people so much. I love being a missionary. I would encourage EVERYONE to serve. (including you little sistas!) There isn't a better decision you could make for your life and future family.
I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week. Have some fun! And again.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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