Monday, February 24, 2014




 So........................... drumroll............................... IM GOING NORTH!!!! cant even believe it. Its been so crazy this past week saying goodbye to everyone. Its a lot harder than I thought it would be! I LOVE these people. When I told Alyssa (the 9 yr old that is getting baptized.. unfortunately I wont be there :( ) she ran into the bathroom crying. Ill attach a picture of her and also the other little family that is getting baptized ( the mom is inactive). Its really hard having these people that I taught literally everything and im not going to be there for the baptisms. Im still counting them as my recent converts though :) They are incredible. I bore my testimony in the ward on Sunday and everyone came up to me after and gave me a huge hug and told me how much they were going to miss me. I have never taken so many pictures in a week in my entire life haha! Hna gubeli is training!! and I heard hna pipkin is training again as well! Someday ill train.. but like president says you don't train until that person needs YOU and YOUR personality. Maybe next transfer! But yeah I know im going to new mexico but don't know what area yet. We leave for the transfer site tomorrow morning!
This week has been a bit crazy.. im still getting over my sickness.. and hna gubeli got it so she has pretty much been in bed for two days. I don't blame was nasty... I worked through it though. Although that's probably why it took me about 2 weeks to get over it. Our truck battery also went out... so that was fun! But despite all that we have been seeing lots of little miracles along the way! There isn't too much to talk about.
I just love the work! its hard and im so nervous to get a new companion/ area but so excited for the new experience. Ive heard its the hardest to leave your greenie area. Definitely hasn't completely hit me yet. We have dinner with the Tellez's and Alice tonight for my last dinner here. Alice is baking me a chocolate cake :D Going to miss them tons. My letter-writing "pool" just increased by like 20 haha. Its going to be an adventure.
Keep being awesome at home. I sure do miss you all. Think about you every day! Cant believe I have been out almost 7 months now.. time flies. When I hit 9 I think I am going to die. Hna pipkin is already over halfway done now! Before you know it ill be home.  I LOVE YOU ALL. the church is true. keep doing missionary work at home!!!!! feed the missionaries... go out with them... if that's even available. You will be blessed more than you can possibly imagine. Les quiero MUCHISIMO!!
Hermana Maxwell

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