Tuesday, January 14, 2014





haha I just had to start this email with something different than I normally do. I don't even know where to begin! Lets start with the new companion. Her name is Hermana Gubeli and she has been out just a transfer longer than me. She is a really kind, kind of shy, OBEDIENT missionary. Couldn't ask for more than that. As long as you have a companion that is obedient and willing to work hard, you are set.  She has spent her entire mission in Albuquerque. She is from... drumroll... GUNNISON UT!!!! yeah crazy right?? Im sure we are somehow related. Her family line includes a Jensen. She knows Mitch's family and we went to snow college at the same time! But didn't know each other. She is majoring in elementary education so she knows kensey too!! crazy small world. We get along well but this beginning is really hard because she doesn't know the people or the area. Its kind of a one-woman show at the moment. I am seriously working my tail off... go to bed just completely exhausted at the end of the night. but there is something fulfilling in the fact that I know I have done literally ALL I could do that day. The change has been hard but definitely a learning experience. My perspectives on studies has changed especially. She is a KILLER studier.  I am learning a lot from her!
The area is doing really well at the moment! At the beginning of this week we didn't have hardly any investigators.. but due to our diligence... well... jk... the LORD!!! We set 4 BAPTISMAL DATES just yesterday!! Probably like one will go through if we are being real but that's pretty good! The investigator progressing the most at the moment is probably Jose-Luis.  He is about 50 years old, divorced, has a drinking problem, but wants to change is life so bad!! We met him contacting and have already taught him L1, L2, and set a date for February! He is so cute.. he always answers the door in a white tanktop (so Mexican) and then hurries and changes into a nice collared shirt for our lessons. He is always on the edge of his seat to learn more and marks all the scriptures we share with him. He came to church on Sunday and LOVED it!! We are very excited about him.
Lets see what else.. things are just movin right along! Just working wayyy hard to get member present lessons, more investigators, more contacts, and just more of everything. Its really hard when people cancel on you but we are trying our best. Got bit by a dog the other day... luckily he just scraped my foot a little. Gave it a good kick though. Meanwhile Jesus was battling the other 3 with a broom yelling "shut up! shut up!" (in a Mexican accent.. that's like the only phrase he knows in English haha) It was pretty funny.
I love you all so much and hope that things are going great at home!! Thank you again for all of your support. 

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