Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hey there family :) Boy do I sure miss you guys. Love the pictures!! I cant believe how big everyone is. You probably don't notice the changes because you see each other all the time but everyone is GROWING UP!!! ahhh its crazy.
So first off to answer some of your questions... sorry im not very good at talking about my life haha (you already knew that). Fun places to eat... hmm. Yeah not really haha! We went to taco bell today? WOOO!! :) There really isn't anywhere special plus we aren't supposed to go out to eat super often. We get together with the missionaries in our zone usually just for zone trainings... so once a month. We are pretty lonesome out here haha. We are the farthest south/closest to mexico sisters out of the whole mission! Out in the boonies for sure. There isn't much to do on P-days. We might go to the "bookery" again today. Its this little tiny book shop with sooo many hidden treasures in it. The lady that runs it is hilarious. Nothing is organized.. books everywhere... on the floor.. shelves.. in little nooks and crannies. You can find super cool stuff there. She was smoking a pipe the last time we came haha.
So this past week has been awesome. The area is starting to boom again with all of our hard work. Numbers are definitely increasing! We have been able to see a lot of miracles this week. Ill talk about them a little later. I love my companion, she is cool. We are pretty different.... but... we get along! I found out I am officially senior companion. Kind of weird. Definitely still feeling a lot of pressure but handling it fairly well! All the credit goes to heavenly father for sure. This transfer has been sooo much different than my first 3. I cant believe we are already in week 3 of this one!! Time FLIES out here. Plus I hit 6 months in three days!! Now THATS weird. Its a pretty big milestone... ill be 1/3 done! I am starting to catch the whole "I don't want to leave" spirit. I love this work.. its so hard but so incredible.
We had interviews with the Mission President and his wife this week. I looove them so much. They love us missionaries like their own children. President clapped me on the back and thanked me for being such a great missionary and Sister Miller is just FULL of love haha. Our goal for the mission this year is 825 baptisms. We are really pushing for it. President is a very strict, hardworking president. He definitely whips us into shape but does it with such love.  Their call is so inspired. Whenever they begin a talk they say "Elders, Sisters,... Hermanas" Its so cute.. It makes us Spanish speaking sisters feel special haha.
So investigators/miracles: Im only going to talk about two this week because this email is getting LONG!! haha sorry. trying to give you as much info as I can :)
1. Jose-Luiz
So we are officially converting a thug from Juarez!! Apparently there are people out to kill him. He has scars everywhere from fights and has almost died multiple times. Juarez is so sketchy.. we have heard so many stories. Supposedly its gotten a lot better though. He has a clouded over left eye... random fact. He is really genuinely kind and He has been coming to church and LOVES IT!! He seriously is just dying to hop into that baptismal font. He has been an alcoholic all his life and has smoked as well. But he has been clean for almost 3 weeks now!! So proud of him. he has erased all of his old friends from his phone because they try and force him to drink. He is so grateful that we brought him the gospel, he was praying for a change in his life/ a sign when we met him on the street. He has already grown so so much. He calls us his "angels." His baptismal date is either the 1st or 2nd of February.  Cant even WAIT!! Especially for him to get the priesthood. We have started teaching his sister as well!  
2. Diana Reyes and her 2 kids Briana and Chris
OH MY GOSH. What a miracle. Like one of the coolest things of my whole mission. A little bit of background: hna pipkin and I met her on the street, her sister is an inactive Mormon but she went to our church once and loved the spirit she felt there. We taught her once and then completely lost contact. For like months. Her work schedule is INSANE. So she is usually our back up plan for when things fall through. We taught her Lesson 1 a few weeks ago and she said she wanted to be baptized but then fell off the face of the earth again. So about a week ago we went back and she was miraculously there! We taught her Lesson 2. Then during district meeting we got a txt from her that said something like " hola hermanitas.. Sorry you haven't been able to get a hold of me... I don't think I want to be Mormon anymore... I hope you respect my decision" I was like noooo!! I told her we loved her and asked her if there was anything we could do.  She said "well the truth is.. we haven't had food for three days (they have been eating corn tortillas and salt), I had to pick up ANOTHER job, I don't sleep (she works one job during the day and one at night) and I just am angry at god because he isn't helping us" So we basically sped over to her apartment. We walked in, I put my arm around her and asked her what was going on. She immediately started bawling and said that she feels like a horrible mom because she cant feed her kids and is just scared. I started to testify that she was a child of god, a good mom, etc and all of a sudden this overwhelming feeling of love came over me for her and I just started crying and crying. We all were crying haha. Everything worked out and she is getting baptized in 2-3 weeks! The bishop is going to help her with food, she came to church last sunday and things are great. Now wait for this: We have been praying that her work schedule could change so she could come to church. You have to come to church twice to get baptized. Her work schedule changed for 2 WEEKS. Exactly. So that she can come to church twice. MIRACLE. it makes me tear up just thinking about it. So yeah.. incredible.
Sorry that was so long! This email took up like my whole time haha. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! have an amazing week!!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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