Sunday, January 5, 2014





This week has been another week of WALKING. We have met a bunch of weird people haha. There was one guy that thought that all Mormons were homeless? Not sure why? He says that they always walk around at night and never accept rides when he offers them haha. Im pretty sure he didn't realize we were Mormons ourselves.  Its really been a week of miracles as well. Although we haven't found a bunch of new investigators we have found sooooo many less active families that we are helping come back to church. A lot of them have told us that we are the answer to their prayers. Its been really humbling to see. If we had been caught up in teaching a bunch of investigators we wouldn't have had the time to stop by them. Its been really really cool.
Transfers are coming up next week!! Pretty darn nervous but I have complete trust that we will go where heavenly father needs us.  New years plans.... pretty nonexistent. :) We still have to be back in our apartments by 9:00 soooo... yeah. However Hna pipkin and I are going to wake up at 12:00 for 5 minutes and bang some pans! Plus Hna Muntzing (senior missionary from Argentina... she is AWESOME) bought all of us missionaries Martinellis. So we are going to celebrate a tiny bit! Its crazy that its going to be 2014... and that im going to spend ALL of 2014 on my mission! One of the best years of my life im sure!
Maria Iniguez is finally getting baptized this Saturday if everything works out!! We are really excited about it. Lets see what else... just killin it out here in Ysleta!! Loving the people and the culture here. Really going to miss it! I think I will be cooking tortillas over an open flame for the rest of my life haha. Its been really fun to try/see things I never have before. I really wasn't expecting that kind of stuff from a state-side mission but it really is like we are living in Mexico. We eat menudo, mole (not the animal haha), posole, rice and beans, CHILE and more CHILE, and only teach the Mexican people. LOVE IT.
I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support! Miss you!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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