Tuesday, January 28, 2014




Wow Kiera... GREAT JOB!!! I am soo proud of you. Seriously keep it up. Rejection is hard but you will get so many blessings from bearing your testimony like that. That was the best thing I've heard all week :) You are amazing sis!!!
Holy cow brynna looks so old.. cheer camp?? what?? She is going to be a cheerleader? Kayla, how is junior high? I remember it being hard but you also learn a lot about the person you are going to be.
So not too much to talk about this week.. but Jose luis is getting baptized on Sunday!! VERY excited :) sounds like Dallon has baptisms all the time! People are really accepting here as well.. but definitely not THAT much haha. We are still teaching Diana and her kids and they will be baptized on the 8th!! I don't think ive ever been so excited for a baptism as with them. They truly are a miracle story.
We had exchanges this week! Hna Cedarquist came to Ysleta and I learned a lot from her. She has a lot of really cool visuals that she uses that Im starting to incorporate into my teaching. We are teaching a lot of kids right now. One girl named Alyssa has a FIRE for the gospel. She is only 9 years old but she is literally dragging her mom to church (mom is less active) and begging to read the book of Mormon. When we came back for our second lesson she freeeakkked out. She was so excited to see us :)
We haven't had our truck all week so its been a little tough. It was in the shop in downtown El Paso. Our area is pretty big so it was impossible to get anywhere without rides from members. At one point we literally layed down in an investigators driveway waiting for a ride we were so exhausted haha. But we got it back this morning thank GOODNESS. its such a relief.
Still loving being a missionary. I was talking to my companion this morning about how GRATEFUL I am that I made this decision. It hasn't changed who I am personality-wise but it has commmplllettelly changed my spiritual self. I have such a greater understanding of the gospel and the scriptures and I just cant believe how blessed I am to be a part of the work right now when everything is booming like this. Its so incredible. I love you all so much and am so grateful for your examples to me. KEEP BEING AWESOME
con mucho amor,
Hermana Maxwell

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