Tuesday, December 10, 2013



Sounds like things are going great at home! This week has been kind of slow but still working hard! Maria ended up not getting baptized because her daughter is in the hospital. She is ok she just had a C-section. But because of that the baptism had to be canceled after we planned EVERYTHING. pretty frustrating. Alejandra is getting baptized this Saturday though! Super excited. She has been a miracle story for sure. She is the one that just showed up to church on her own. 
I honestly don't know what to say about this week haha its been pretty rough. Dropping a lot of investigators and struggling to find new ones! However like grandma ElRae said "CHOOSE JOY" I love that. Even when times are hard we can always choose to be happy!! Hna pipkin and I haven't let our spirits down. Still working as hard as we can!
We had a white elephant gift exchange today with our zone after we waxed all our cars... I got ties... useful right haha? So excited for Christmas!!! Its definitely a different Christmas than I have ever experienced in my life but I know its going to be one of the best. Its so awesome to literally be able to focus only on Christ without the wordly distractions of Christmas.  I love it. We are really trying to get the ward involved in missionary work and challenging everyone to buy a PMG(preach my gospel) and start reading it! The other night we did a fhe with a family and talked about Ammon. We even got to watch the living scriptures story on him (amazing.. brought back memories of my childhood :)). We made the kids "espadas de rectitud" (swords of righteousness) out of cardboard... kind of turned out to be more of a distraction than anything haha. oops... don't know too much about kids I guess.
Loving being a missionary! Time is flying! I hit my 5 months in about two weeks. Cant believe it! Oh and wasn't the Christmas devotional wonderful?? totally showed a clip of sister missionaries!! REPRESENT!!! :D I love how they said that the purpose of the babe of Bethlehem was to give OUR lives purpose every day other than the 25th of December. So true!
Ive really been trying to improve myself as a missionary. There are sooo many good missionaries in my mission its insane. We all have room to improve and I definitely feel behind at times haha. But God makes our weaknesses strong!!! I love you all so much. Stay safe and have a happy pre-Christmas time. Its the best! LOVE YOU!!
Hermana Maxwell

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