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This week has been full of WALKING. and walking. and walking some more!! We are trying to find new people to teach. My boots are already falling apart haha. No worries though... I have another pair :) and "boots were made for walking" after all... so yeah haha. Hope you got that reference.
LOVING Christmas in the mission! There really isn't anything else like it.  We got to go drop off gifts and carol to some less active families the other night with the bishop and the other missionaries. Elder Folsom (he is from Montana dad!) dressed up like Santa. It was so so so much fun. We have also decorated cookies and handed them out and have been sharing Luke 2 with people right and left. There is nothing like bringing the spirit of Christ to people every day of the Christmas season. So amazing.  Hna pipkins mom has been doing the 12 days of Christmas with us which has been a blast too! You moms are just the best!!
It was Hna pipkins 22nd birthday this past week! I planned a surprise party for her at the Tellez's that didn't stay a surprise but it was still awesome :) She said it was overall one of the best birthdays she has ever had so I was happy about it. We are seriously like best friends now. Love her SO much!
Funny story for the week: So we went to visit this old woman named Leonor. She is 89 and LOVES the missionaries and the book of Mormon. The elders had stopped teaching her because she wouldn't ever come to church... mainly because apparently they told us she has "her intestines in a bag." We thought they were kidding. Nope. Definitely NOT kidding. We show up at this lady's house and knock on the door while her billions of roosters crowed at us. Her daughter Agatha opened it and pointed to the room where her mom was. The house is all cement floors. We pushed aside a wolf blanket that was hanging in the doorway and there she was! just chillin in her wheelchair. We sat down on her bed and she kept saying "que milagro! que milagro!" (what a miracle!) She explained to us everything and when she saw we had a book of Mormon she said "damelo! damelo!" (give it to me! give it to me!) She loves it haha. We thought she was going to die a couple times because she would lay back in her wheelchair.. stare at the ceiling with her eyes wide open and talk really slowly. So scary haha. So everything was normal... until she started talking about her daughter. She started saying some nasty stuff I wont go into. All of a sudden her daughter bursts into the room and starts screaming (in English) YOURE A LIAR!!! YOURE A LIAR!!!! Leonor was screaming back in Spanish and we were all of a sudden caught in this huuuuge thing. It was ridiculous. Agatha eventually ran out of the room and the whole rest of the lesson we heard angry whispers behind the blanket.
THEN. Leonor was wearing this bulky red sweater. she starts telling us she has her intestines in a bag (what?!) and lifts up her shirt to show us. DISGUSTING. literally her intestine is poking out of her stomach in a bag. It had a bunch of brown liquid at the bottom of it too. that was fine like whatever I have a strong stomach... but then the Smell hit us like a brick wall. most nasty smell I have ever experienced. My hand went to my mouth and I almost threw up. hna p. was having a hard time too. oh man it was awful. (have you ever heard of that kind of a procedure dad?) So yeah we don't know how she could get baptized... but it was super interesting. and THEN when hna pipkin tried saying the prayer Leonor just started saying her own so it was like battle of the prayers haha. so funny. then she said another one (?) so awkward. I almost bit off my tounge trying not to laugh. Needless to say... it was an INTERESTING lesson haha.
Phew that took forever... im tired haha. Cant wait to talk to 'yall tomorrow! Love you more than life itself!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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