Saturday, December 21, 2013


Its been a pretty crazy week here in the wonderfully dry land of Ysleta TX. Missing my Utah snow for sure!! But LOVING having the Christmas season on the mission. Its so so incredible.  Alejandra's baptism was awesome!!! She was being a drama queen because the water was a bit cold but other than that it actually went really smoothly! She was confirmed on Sunday and is now the newest member of the Mission Trails ward! YAY! We love her so so much.  We also had Zone Conference this week as well.  A 70 came and talked to us (Elder Foster). It was AMAZING!! my favorite thing he said was that "prayer is an act of agency and it AUTHORIZES god to grant us blessings." Super super awesome. His wife also spoke about how we can do hard things but only with heavenly fathers help. Its amazing to see so many missionaries gathered together in one place. The spirit is so strong. We all sung "a childs prayer" and literally everyone was crying.
Lately we have really just been trying hard to find investigators. Struggling a little bit finding people to teach but things will pick up soon. People seem to be so busy around the Christmas season.  I have actually been sick the last couple days (DONT WORRY). Still pretty nauseated today but im fine. We had to come home early last night because I wasn't feeling good at all. Hna pipkin took good care of me! We just sat on the couch and watched the testaments and slept a lot! Feeling quite a bit better today but not all the way. Just trying to push through it because the work must go on!!!
I love you all so so much and keep up the good work at home. I never realized how important members are in missionary work so do all you can! Elder Foster also said "its now time for the work to be transferred from the missionaries to the members, you are just specialists assigned to help them." LOVE YA TONS
Oh haha quick story. So it was also the Ward Christmas party the day of Alejandra's baptism.  First of all: Mexicans sure know how to throw a party. Hna Morales, relief society counselor is like the ultimate party planner as well. (she wore a feathered vest to church last sunday if that tells you anything). Anyways so we went to the church in the morning to help them set up. We were putting tablecloths on tables, wrapping presents, etc. It was a PRODUCTION. I just cant even describe it. Lights, 4 Christmas trees, reindeer, the works. So I looked over and happened to notice they were taping the baptismal doors shut. So we ran over and told them we had a baptism. They FREAKED out. They said (all in Spanish of course) "no one told us you had a baptism!! this cant happen!! We are setting up our decorations!! We cant open these doors! They are already wrapped shut!!! Cant you move your baptism till tomorrow??" Hmmm saving a soul or Christmas decorations? yeah it was nuts. Missionaries vs the relief society and their Christmas party. It was like something straight out of the "RM" haha. Eventually they unwrapped the doors and Hna Morales turned around and said "ya tienen sus puertas" which means "now you have your doors!" It was so ridiculous it was hilarious. Anyways hope you enjoyed that haha. We laugh about it all the time.

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